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I know my blog is really boring now. But I'm just not inspired or wanting to update it all the time with pictures and stuff. I only have 6 weeks left in the States and there's a lot of things going on. For example, this weekend is my only free weekend before I leave. Because next one, me and my family (host family) will go to Gathlinburg. The weekend/week after that I'll be in Orlando with my mom and my Aunt. The weekend after that we get out of school. Then we're up for graduation and my Dad will come over.... So there's really nothing left.

It makes me feel very sad, but also so excited. Like I can't explain it. I don't even know what to feel... (that sounded so gay), but that's how I see it. People keep asking me "oh are you excited". Well, HELL YEA I AM! But then I don't wanna leave my life and all my friends here.

I also have to finish my scrapbook, I have to write a recipie book (with American recipies that I've liked a lot). I need to buy some stuff that I wanna take home, and figure out a plan to get it home. Cause I swear, I have like 6 suitcases at least!!!!!!! Good thing my parents will be over in shifts lol

Postat av: Jennie

Bästa tipset är vakuumpåsar, som man lägger kläder i och suger ur all luft. Blir ju samma vikt, men väldigt mkt mindre:) Finns på typ Walmart eller Target!

2012-04-26 @ 18:06:05

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