I'm almost home...

No, not really. But it's less than 2 months left til I'll get home. I feel like it's both positive and negative. I can't say enough times how much I want to go home and see everyone. At the same time, my life here is so "easy" when it comes to school and everyday life. I have no "I have to do this" and I don't have to think about working or anything. The only thing I like to make sure I keep doing is working out. Which is not a hard thing really, and it's not neccessary everyday you know.

We just had some guesspeakers in the auditeria about drugs. It's so accepted here and I must say it was so interesting to hear about it all. People that have been into drugs talked to, and they're in rehab now. Sad, how desisions and choices at a young age easily can change your life.

Well, the point of this little post was actually to tell my family what they have to cook me when I get home.

Mom, I want chicken (curry) and rice. I want spagetti with curry pasta, I want grilled food, steaks and corn on a cob. I want fish, salmond, and potatoes and peas (and lemon sause). I want everything with rice and potatoes pretty much. Also lasanga, mmm... And you have to have knackebrod, pears, avocado, all bran flakes (cereals), the vanilla yoghurt I always had, turkey with red peppars in it, that lemon flavored stuff I put on Turkish yoghurt, yea that's all I can think of right now.

Dad, it wouldn't hurt if you made "home-made" ribbs again. That was pretty awesome!!

Grandma: Dads side, I want cooked carrots and one of the pieces of meat with onions or bacon I think it is. And watermelon. Moms side, potatoes with homemade meatballs, and a sallad. Dessert, rabarberpaj utan tvekan!!! And the cookies with green/pink stuff around them...

That's what I can think of right now. Sounds ok?

Update: Kassler with rice. Riswook... natt jacob, flygande jacob? Osv osv.... hahah. Jag kollade pa bilder igar och under sommaren nar vi grillar ar det ofta bilder pa mat. Blev saaa sugen pa en harlig, svensk, sommardag. Vaniljglass och jordgubbar till efterratt ocksa. Och havrekakor eller digistive, eller dom kakorna man satter gaffeln i innan man bakar dom. Tror det ar havrekakor. Herregud.....saknar svensk MAT!!!!!!! And anything with spinnish (spinat, vet inte hur det stavas). Pasa sallad, den med skinka i som vi gjorde ibland... langesen dock. Vet du vilken jag menar mamma? Saaa god!!! Falaffel ocksa.. Gud detta blir ju sa mycket.. haha

Postat av: Jennie

Hahahaha!! Kommer ihåg känslan :) Du har väl inte ens varit på IKEA? Där hängde jag ganska ofta:P

2012-04-19 @ 18:42:59
Postat av: Pappi

Lovar dig hemgjorda revbensspjäll och en massa annat gott också. Du kommer bli så ompysslad när du kommer hem. Kram

2012-04-19 @ 23:34:02

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