Uninspired (+ learn about prom)

I have to say that I'm so not inspired to keep my blog going. I just feel that I have nothing to write about, nothing interesting u know. Even though a lot of things happens, I feel like I write the same stuff every day. You already know my plans for tomorrow and that prom is up.

I just had cooked cabage for supper, one of my favorites. It's cooked cabage and sausage with potatoes. And today I asked Robin to give me the potatoes before she made mashed potatoes. Mmmm, I've missed eating boiled potatoes like that.

I guess I can tell you something about prom too. So, our school rented a place in Aurora where the party's gonna be. Before that is the walk through, where you and your date walk on the state, take a picture and walk down again. After this, you and your date (or friends) go out and eat. After eating, everyone meet at this one place in Aurora/Lawrensburg for dancing and hanging out.

This is what I want my hair to look like

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Hej Linnea

Även om det inte alltid är superspännande nya saker du skriver om så är det alltid kul att följa ditt liv "over there". Du skall veta att det är många som varje kväll går in och kollar om du skrivit något nytt.

Men känn ingen press. Skriv när du känner för det.

Snart ses vi.



2012-04-18 @ 23:52:46

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