Wonderful day

I've enjoyed this day soo much. New energy, and new inspiration. I didn't work out today after school, even though I planned on it. Instead, I went down to the state park with Bud where we walked the dogs.

I enjoyed it so much! I couldn't believe how wonderful the weather was. It was so warm that I could wear a tanktop and be alright. It literaly was like a Swedish summerday and it's only first day of February. This is sooo rare they say, but I can't complain!

When we got home we grilled some hamburgers, and that made me even more excited for summer. Can't, can't, can't wait til I can walk outside in a dress, when I can tann again and feel prettier, when I can do all those things I love. I can keep going forever so I just stopped instead!

Here are some pictures from around our neighbourhood. Took them another day when we were walking the dogs. Has been a few "walking the dogs" lately, and I like that.

I had fun posing in sunglasses...

Semba and Kiara (not sure about the spelling)

On the way down to the creek

Yes, the closest one is a donkey

Sometimes you can cross the creek right here. In the matter of fact, I did it once with Jimmy when the water was up high in his truck. It even started to come water inside of it...

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skulle inte du kunna göra ett inlägg om hur det ser ut där du bor och din skola och miljön osv med din egna kamera..

skulle vara jättesnällt :) <3

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