Todays outfit

I really dont have anything to write about. But today in school, I didn't do anything. And last period, I skyped with my parents. It was fun as always, exept for that it was a little bit embarassing when dad walkes around in the house showing everyone what it looks like. Of course it was my friends idea, but still...lil bit awkward.

We just had cooked cabbage for supper. OMG! That's the best ever. I literaly had like 5 portions..not even kidding. And then, whenever everyone was done I ate the rest of it. Yes, I'm full now!! And Robin is making cupcakes with chokolate inside of them.... Not today!!! Haha I'm so full and I already had cake today. Well, well....

Here are some pictures from today. Tried to upload them earlier (in school), but it didn't work. So here they are!


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