Directly from Florida

The roadtrip was soo long. It took about 13 hours or so, and it sucked. I got some sleep, but after a while my butt fell asleep constantly and it felt like there was no room. Which it pretty much wasn't. I should have took a picture of how filled our jeep was. Mostly with food for our beach-house, and with 3 tall teenagers in the back (me, Jess and Blake). Anyway, we made it!

I'll probably not make a post everyday (made timer-posts though, which took forever), but here are some pictures. I'll take more, try to take as much a possible. I wanna go out again now and spend time with my friends. So see ya! Hopefully the weather is good tomorrow so we can get some tanning done and falling asleep on the beach. Love both!

Maria, Tailor and Jess at the beach (our house is located right on the literaly, don't even have to walk 50 meter til I'm in the water)

Our house from the front (and me in the main-entry)

Took my bellybutton piercing out (and sorry for making it black n white, and dark, but I'm so white right now)


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