I'm home!

Or, home.. I'm in Versailles, my temperary home.

Florida was soooo much fun!!!! I don't wanna leave America now. I got to know everyone so much better and got new best friends. I hate that we didn't make this trip happen earlier, because now I only have about 2 months with my friends left. I just know that it'll be sooooooo hard to leave this place. All the people I've met here. Right now I just wanna paus my life, stay here and don't think about the future. I have a whole lot of inspiration and stuff I want to do. I want to get all my education done at first, and then I want to live my life again. Last year I didn't feel this alive. I needed this break. Last year it was all about school, and this year it has been all about experiencing the difference between parts of our world...and me...and my friends. I love it!!!!! I can't thank everyone that has been involved in this trip enough, of how extremely thankful I am. How special I feel for getting to know everyone and that you've accepted me in such an amazing way. I've always felt welcome and now I'm just not ready to say goodbye.

Lets not talk about that right now. I don't want to think about it!

Back to how Florida was. Amazing! We layed out, swam, shopped, went clubbing and just laughed all the time. That's life to me!!

Here's one picture of me. I'll post a lot of other pictures during next week when I'm in school. So you'll just have to wait haha.


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