Update (timer)

Hey guys!

I just wanna say that I'm going shopping today and that I'm positive I had a great night yesterday. This post is a timer post so I can't give you an honest update about how ISU is. This is the second collage I've visited, and you get days off school to visit collages. So I'll probably take advantage of that one of these days. We'll see! I think it would be interesting.

I'll also go to the carrer-center one day after springbreak. Some people from out school goes there after lunch (or the whole day). You can go there for like nursery, hair and beauty, fireman, heavy equipment or something like that. There are more options too. So I'll get to go over there and check it out.

That's it! Now I'll go shop shop shop...haha..

A picture from last summer. Also my timeline on facebook right now. kind of makes me smile lol


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