A walnut and a broken phone later...

I'll start  with the walnut story because it's short. We stood outside a fudge shop, with really good fudge and were about to get some. They asked if I wanted some, but I said no because most of them had nuts in them. But we decided to ask for the ones that didn't. And I got to try them. It was really good, but after eating my half piece I bit down in a nut. We ask again (this was the third time we asked) and he says "yes..they contain walnut". Shit!!! I thought, because I know that walnuts are big, and even dad is allergic to them. And Robin and Bud was further up in the mountains with my pills (she always carries them in her purse). We call them, but they cant do nothing but get down in the lifts (which are slow, you know how skilifts are). Anyway, I give it 5 minutes and I don't feel anything, so I call back again, because I know that at least Bud would probably be in panic haha! Everything was going good though, I never felt anything.

Speaking of calling people. I didn't have my phone, because me, Linnéa, actually lost responsibility and let it get run over by a truck.
We went down by the creek and we decided to get pictures of us sitting in the middle of it at big rocks. But I'm wearing my jeans I didn't want them all wet, so I decided to go and change clothes. I found my shorts in the trunk of the car and was going to swich really fast. This was right my the highway and I didn't want everyone to see my ass so I hurried. I didn't worry more about it and off we went. We got our pictures and then we hit the road again. But I couldn't find my phone. So after looking for it, we decided to go back. And there it was, on the ground, possibly ran over. The back looks smashed kind of. But everything is working, except for the screen. So I can't see anything, but I can talk to people (when they call) and I hear them perfectly, as well as they do me.

Anyway, I got another month and I cant imagine it without a phone. So today at wal mart I asked what to do. They said that they can convert my prepaid months to a new phone (streight-talk AT&T), but that their streight-talk phones was Versizon. So I'll have to get myself over to a walmart with AT&T and try to find a real cheap phone.

It just sucks not having one.

Anyway, that's those stories. And this post is timed. But now you know why I don't either answer your e-mails or texts. I'll try to answer e-mails from my computer though.

See ya guys! Have a good day. We're on our way back home today. And mom and dad!!! I'll e-mail you guys when I get home to Versailles and hopefully we can skype at that time. It'll probably be around 5 pm my time. I can't promise anything though, so if you got plans already, there's no need to cancel them.


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