Having a blast

I had an awesome day today! We're, as I've mentioned the whole week, in Gatlinburg this weekend. Yesterday we just went out to eat at a place called Dixie Stampede. Only that was an experience, not like a regular supper. The whole think is based on the Civil War and Dolly Parton. South vs. North. There was a horse show and a huge supper. A buffe with 3 dishes (appetizers, main dish and dessert). Started of with a creamy vegetable soup and biscuits, then the maindish which was a piece of pork, a whole chicken, corn on a con, baked potatoe and maybe something more I don't remember. Then the dessert was like a apple crust/pie or whatever it's called. I ate it all and it was awesome! Really enjoyed that. We also went gocarting! It's fun too..

Today we started the day with biscuits and gravy, soo good. Robin makes the best one. After that we took off for the mountains, time to reach the highest point, the very peak. It was beautiful, and you could see how the clouds just layed on the mountains. It was a nice sight.

After this went to Cherokee to eat and check that out. This is where Indians are suppose to live, even though I never saw any. I told Bud that I've seen Indians before, but he wouldn't belive me until I explained it in details haha.

Then it was time to head back to Gatlinburg. No, I'm lieing now. We stopped at the greek along the way first. This was amazingly beautiful lol. The water was so cold though, but we walked in it. See pictures underneath.

After this we headed back to Gatlinburg. We went to the haunted house and we went up in the mountains again and went sliding. And I got a shirt at a tourist-shop haha.

Now I'm getting tired of riding. I had a really good day though! My hostfamily is AWESOME! And I'm enjoying this trip a lot. I'll show you more pictures at home.

And btw; my phone got ran over by a truck today so it's not working. I'm so sorry, I'm never that irresponsible... I'll tell you the story later. Hopefully I can find another cheap phone, or borrow someones. Sucks that I did this a month before it's time to go back home. Sorry mom and dad!

And also, I ate a Wahlnut today... (but I'm ok!! I don't think I'm allergic to nuts no more.. but I won't take that as a fact, I'm just saying...didn't mean to eat it today..I'll tell u the story another day)

Part of the show at the Dixie's place

Got in the hot-tub at night

Breakfast (Robin normally cooks breakfast every morning during the weekends)

The crew lol. This is all of us that went together (top row from the left, Tracy, Jess, Haley and I, bottom row, Jeremy, Bud and Robin)

Jess and I


It was cold up at the peak (6600 ft or something high I think)


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