"Snipe" hunting

Okey the funniest thing ever. Last Saturday I went to a bonfire with a bunch of friends, which by the way was a whole lot of fun! We grilled hotdogs and smores, I thought them about the right way to do it, hahhaa, and they showed me another way to eat them. Them we figured that a combination of both would be awesome. When they make smore's they just grill their marshmallow, and then they eat it with chocolate or something. I poke a hole in the marshmallow, stick the piece of chocolate in their and grill 'em together. That makes the chocolate melt. Mmm, sooo good! What they taught me was go smash the marshmallow and chocolate between to gram crackers. That was pretty good to. But honey flavored gramcrackers with homemake vanillia icecream is the best!!!

Enough of that, because I need to tell u about something very funny! It made my night, and everyone elses.
So....., someone asked me if I've ever been snipe hunting. I though snipe was just another word I didn't know, so I said "no... what's a snipe?". They pretended to freak out and say; wooooow you've been here for a year but still not been snipe hunting!? We'll do it tonight!!!!!!!!!!

For probably half an hour or more did they make me hunt around for so called snipes. I had a big plastic bag and a stick which according to them should help me get the birds that can't fly into the bag. They said they have very colorful body's, black wings and can't fly. And yea, I believed them.........

I heard noices made from far away and closer all the time. I thought it was the snipes, because obviously they moved. But after some time, I found out it was just some of my friends. Normally, they leave you out in the woods, but they didn't wanna do that to me.

I'm so tired of bloging so I'm sorry I just made this post very boring sounding. It was so much fun in real life... Like I laughed so hard and I have stories to tell but I really don't feel like writing. Sorry guys!


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