r.i.p beautiful Emily

Em, you always made me laugh. Who can I now say mean comments out of love to in the hallways? Who should I now talk about all the Milan guys with? Who can I laugh at in Digital Design? Or, who will make me smile all the time, like you did? Because you did, Emily!!! You're a girl filled with energy and happiness. That's how I'll remember you. You make the world smile.
All my thoughts go to Emily's family. I can't even imagine what they're going through right now...
Please let her rest in peace ♥

Postat av: A

Vad här hänt? :( RIP

2012-05-16 @ 07:11:55
Postat av: linnea

Så sorgligt! r.i.p!

2012-05-16 @ 12:31:53
URL: http://linneabodas.blogg.se/
Postat av: S


vad har hänt? :(

2012-05-21 @ 22:54:49

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