Homecoming pictures

Cheyenne, Cris and their baby


So, me and Jess got these hats from her grandma for Christmas. And we decided to take some pictures when we wore them and print them off and then give them to her. But you know how it goes...we cant be seirous..

Nails and more...

I was tired of my blue, sparkly fake-nails so I did this to them. I hope my face-nails comes of soon though..

I've been in and out today. I woke up and thought "today I don't feel like doing anything.....I just wanna lay in my bed...", but then I actually got up and met up Caleb. We hung out for a lil bit, and then I got back home again.

Last night we went to a bonfire and it was actually kind of fun. The guy having it knew a lot about the government and politicion so I could talk about that with him. He's actually the first one so far I've had a discussion with about it. Other people just say what they think, but he also knew a lot about it. Interesting!

We had chicken and noodles for supper. And yes, even this time I had like 5 bowls of it. And you know what? Robin and Bud were both so overexcited for a cake Robin made, and at first I thought.. well, they're probably overexaturating.. but then I tasted it... and I'll tell you what.. OH MY!!! It was amazing!! The best cake I've ever had and I can't wait to get back home and bake it and have everyone over to taste it. I'm talking about perfection...

A picture from homecoming

This is one picture from homecoming. Two of the senior candidates and me. More pictures will come up another day. Maybe tomorrow, or Monday.

Have a great night!

Yesterdays song

This is yesterdays song. I think Kyle was the first one that played it, and I liked it. So it was played several times that night. So was Coldplay. Finally a group that listens to something else than Lil Wayne haha.. :)

My hair

This is how my hair turned out

Got my hair cut

I had a blast last night. I hung out with Katie and we always have so much fun!!!

I went to the homecoming basketballgame with Jess and we watched the JW team play. After that, actually even before the varsity started to play, me, Katie, Kyle and..hold on......*I don't remeber his name* left. We went to Kyle's house for a while and some more people came. Later that night we went back to Katies and I stayed the night there.

Today I had a hairappointment in the morning (10.30). I got my hair cut and then me and Bud went to some pizza-place to eat. I also had to stop by Krogars while we were in Batesville, to by some knäckebröd!! Mmm, so good.

I'll show you pictures of my hair here in a lil bit.

Got 2 new mascaras too. I'll try the "two step" one, and another one. I've had the yellow one before, but this time I bought a brown one. Didn't mean to, just saw it. But why not try...

Haley practiced photography

I let Haley practice taking pictures with my camera. Or actually, she started to take some and thought it was a lot of fun so we decided to go outside and take some. It was really cold, so it didn't last very long. But I got to be her "model" and this is what her first pictures looked like.

She's funny, she goes "Mom, look!! I'm really, really good at this!!!". So, here you go, 500 pictures of me lol

Bingo Rimér

I'm doing a project in school. We're suppose to write about a famous photographer including his work and why it appeals to you. I chose Bimgo Rimér and I must say that he makes everyone look stunning.

Here are my two favorite pictures (maybe not, I've only seen a few)

Party for Jess

Last Sunday we had a party for Jess. This was to honor her really good basketball season since they lost regionals that Friday. We didn't take a lot of pictures. But it was a lot of food, and kind of a lot of people and we played games, talked and ate.

Amos and Jess tried to be serious

Katie and I

And Kim.. :)

Blue extension and a feather

I had a blue extension and a feather for like a few weeks right when I got here. It was a big thing, but they're out now. Here are some pictures of it.

And tomorrow I'm going to get my hair cut, and then I'll go to the homecoming game. They'll also honor senior boys (basketball). 

Happy Birthday Movie

I told you a couple of times about a surprise I was doing for the people that had their birthday in January. Here's the movie I made them.

The vow

I watched the vow yesterday with Levi, Cody and another girl. It was a good time, and gash he's so hot!!! Whatever the main man-actor's name is.

Here's the preview


Pa blogg.se huvudsida ar det bilder pa semlor (eller var igar) och jag blev sa sugen). Hade varit gott med en semla nu, med gradde och mandelmassa. Mmm, later sa gott faktiskt, speciellt hatten med lite gradde och en massa mandelmassa. Riktigt gott!!!!

My weekend

Friday I went to Paoli for regionals (basketball). We stayed at a hotel and when we got there we just ate and then my Robin, Bud and Martie went out gambling. I was in the hotelroom by myself which I though wouldn't be too boring. But all the sudden I got so bored and couldn't really find anything to do so I fell asleep.

Then when we woke up Saturday it was time for regionals. Our team lost by 1 point in the 10 last seconds.... What's the odds of that?? They got really upset and that was their last high school basketball game together. They did good and they had a really good season so they have nothing to be achamed of.

We got Monday off from school, for presidents day, so I had a long weekend at Tracy's. It was a lot of fun! I went to Olive Garden with Cody's friend Jarde and we hung out all night at Tracys with Cody and Lydia that decided to stay with me.

That's pretty much it! I dont feel like writing longer about it so I'm just gonna go now. The bell's about to ring anyway. Bye!

Bikinis from VS

I looked through all of Victoria Secret's bikini's at their website. These are my favorites. I like all of them and at least one is gonna be mine before spring break. Which by the way is only 18 days away (schooldays).

Another thing. Guess what I did? I took my belly button out a couple of days ago!!! I dont know if I wanna keep it that way or now. I can't say I miss it, but evey time someone say I should put it in again I kind of want to. It's not a big thing really, but it kind of feels like something that would be cool when you're like 14. What do you think? Should I keep it, or have it out?
And Jessica pointed out something yesterday "you never see Victoria Secret models with one". That's true! I never even thought about that...

Some pictures from this past weekend (after regionals)

My weekend

I had a really good weekend. I'll tell you more about it later. Just making a quick update right now because the bell will ring in 2 minutes. I also have pictures to show you so I'll try to do that last period. Or I might be able to get out of choir today... then I'll do it! But I can't promise anything.

See ya!

After regionals


When I'm bored..

or have nothing to do, all I do is eat. My belly is so full right now and I feel bad. Had 4 pop tarts, a half package of turkey, sausage, eggs and probably 20 crackers. Aaaao it hurts right now.. And at 4 I'm going to a dinner. Good job!

What are you guys doing today? I'm staying at Tracy's and will probably do that tonight again. I'm faling asleep now my belly hurts so bad. See ya later!


Lockigt hår. Fint eller inte? Jag vet inte riktigt, jag gillar ju mitt raka hår, men lockigt är ju rätt fint också. Vad säger ni? Mitt hår blir ju så kort. Förresten, är det någon som har tips på utsläppt snyggt hår som jag kan ha på balen? Vill inte ha hel uppsättning, utan de mesta utsläppt. Om ni har det, snälla länka som kommentar. Kram!

Dress up as your favorite teacher

This is an example of "dress like your favorite teacher". Mrs. H (second to the right) normally dresses exactlly like Taylor (to the right)... So funny!! Taylor's hair is normally almost as long as mine so she did a really good job.

An outfit

This is a normal outfit for me right now. People ask about the dress-codes and dressing. A lot of people in school just wear sweats and hoodies all the time. But I'm not gonna do that, not even one day (if it's not a dress-up day). We have a lot of dress-up days. Some themes can be "P.J day", "Sweats day" (I wore my Juicy outfit here..pants and shirt), "Hawaii-day", "Go crazy" (which means green and white day, that's our school colors), "dress like your favorite teacher", "collage clothes" and more.  


Okey, so I'm deffinitly sitting in a hotel room right now, all by myself. I can't go over to the basketball players hotel because it's too far away. And everyone else is gambling. So I don't really know what to do haha. I went down to the pool area, but the pool is small and it was kind of awkward down there.

I think Robin and Bud will be back here in a lil bit tho. And crap, my computer will die in a couple of minutes... that means no music either! Haha.

Tomorrow is the big game! I'm not going to the first one at 10, I'm going to the one Jess's playing. See ya!

Presents for being an athlet

This is what you get for being a senior, great athlet/basketball player as Jess is. She is really good, and this is a picture from senior night, when the seniors got honered. This weekend they'll play regionals at Paoli. We're going there today after school (after we go out to eat) and we'll stay up there until tomorrow when they play their game. If they win, we'll stay for the second game and come home late Saturday night, if they loose we'll be back in Versailles in the afternoon. Either way, I'll go streight to Tracys house and stay there for the weekend.

I have made some posts, like one or two that will come up here during Saturday. And then Sunday I'll try to make some posts. I'll bring my computer to Tracy's cause she has open WiFi. But it'll be a busy weekend so I'm not sure that I will update my blog. I'll try.

See ya! ♥

Dress up day

Yesterday was superhero - dress up day. This was my outfit, pretty boring, but some had really good ones..

Art project

Valentines cookies

3rd period we had a party for Valentines day yesterday. This is what it looked like..


Spray tann

I think I told you that I got a spray tann last week or so, but I never really showed you how it turnet out. So here are a couple of pictures of me the day after.

Brown vs Blue vs Green eyes

Me and Austin

This is Emily, our photographer hahahah..

What we do at a basketball game

Best icecream ever

We can get this icecream at lunch, which sucks because it's so good and I have to get it like all the time. This is one of my favorite icecreams ever. I also love "punch glass" and homemade icecream. And like sorbet icecreams.. And that and that and that haha, I don't even have a favorite one. I love icecream!

Hill billy day

Tammy dressed up like crazy

Ryan and Levi


My outfit. I've never wore that long shorts ever before... But the schools dresscode made me. "Dasy Dukes" was what I wanted to wear.. That's hill billy nr.1 right there




My grades

Polar Plunge pictures

South Ripley's plungers

South Ripley

My weekend

Last Friday I went to Walmart in Lawrensburg because I needed more minutes for my phone. After that we went out to eat. The weather was bad and the roads were getting slick so I was home a little bit earlier than my curfue.
Last Saturday...gah this is hard. I don't even remember what I did all weekend. Oh, just kidding. I went to the polar plunge to see the plungers plunge haha. There were over 100 people jumping into the freezing water. This is for raising money for "Special Olympics" summer and winter sports. You had to raise $75 to participate. And I'll tell you that only standing there made my legs and fingers num. And I wore a lot of clothes. This scarfs, gloves, Uggs, like 3-4 shirts, a coat but yes, only one pair of jeans.

When we got back home I fell asleep. I slept until almost 6 and when I woke up we had people over for supper. So I had some of that, and a good dessert. Peach something. Not peachpie, but something else and it was really good. Then everyone went to the game. Jess and the team was playing sectional and won. So next weekend we'll go somewhere (I don't know anything it seems like...keep using something, somewhere and so forth haha). Anyway, where we'll stay the night at a hotel and then the next day see her play. For some reason, we're not allowed to have signs. So I'll probably buy a shirt and spray colors or something and make a cheer shirt that I can wear. This is a regional game so it's pretty big!!

After the game, we went out to eat wings. That was sooo good! I really liked that and I when my family was here, I should have took them there because I know my Dad and my brother would have loved that. Mom to, but especialy my brother...

After that, a lot of people went to Katies house to stay the night. That was sooo much fun! But I didn't go to bed until like late. I dont even know, but it would probably be concidered morning.

Next morning we went back home and both me and Jess crashed right away. We slept until 2-3 in the afternoon and then we had a lazy day. Or, she went out to get some sectional t-shirts, and I went out with Levi and his friends for a while.

And today it's Monday and here I am. Hope this post made up for what I missed this weekend. It's a lot of text, but pictures will be published during this week. Some of them later today.

Gotta go, the bell's about to ring!

No internet

Sorry, I didn't have any internet this weekend so I couldn't keep you updated. I'll try to make some posts during school today, and tell you about my weekend.

Digital Design

Had an asignment the other day where we were supposed to take pictures for different categories. For movement, unity, reputition, high contrast, monocromatic and emphasis.

Here are my final 6 pictures

High Contrast






I really miss all the apple devices. I'm on an iPad right now, and I will, no doubt bring one back home with me. I also need an iPhone again. Didn't realize how good they were until I had to give mine away (didn't work). Anyway, today is hill billy day, everyone is dressed like hillbillys. Some people don't have to dress up tho. Woopwoop, living in the cornfields.... Haaha

A few pictures of me and Whitney

Starting a new artproject

This is my next art project. I'm gonna trace him out on a weird material that is one inch thick. I'mm show you when I get done. Hope I can make him look as hot as he is in this pic.

Wearing a skirt today

Working with metal

Another artwork. We got a flat piece of metal and I chose to make a can of coke. It's a fast process and this is what it turned out to look like. The outlook was supposed to be "aged", which is why I did the colors that way.

My man

So sexy. I want my man to look like this.

Just got home

I went to Kentucky today after school with Danielle and Whitney. We tanned and then ate Chinese. I ate way to much, so full right now. I've been eating like a cow this past week so next week I have to get back to "normal" again. Spring break is up soon and I want to get a little more tone.

Whitney on the way to Kentucky

My promdress

Okey, so the top of the dress should be really tight and the material is "diamonds" or whatever. They should be like silver/offwhite. I want my dress to be short in the front and long in the back with an actuall train. The fabric of all my layers should be real thin so the easily "flies". The outmost layer should be hot pink and start in the vertical line of my hips, like the side of then where I'm the broadest. The layer inmost is offwhite or some light color that goes with my tight top. And then the middle layer should be a fairly light color of pink. The white should be able to be seen in the front and also behind my legs inside my dress. Yes, hard to explain but I tried...

This is the back. The "diamonds" continues back here. And the hot pink train is flying when I'm walking and underneith it you could glimpse the lighter pink fabric and layer. Well, gotta go now! Hope you got how I want my promdress to look like, all though I'm almost sure I wont find one like this one.

I love you

I've had a shitty day, been sad, dissapointed and filled with questions. Everything ended good, thanks to this girl, my sister.

I have some more homework to do. Fell asleep when I got home and didn't wake up until 8. Then I had to eat, which ended up in eating for a long time, so I had am excuse for not doing my work. Now I have two articles to write and it's past midnight. Nice!

Talk to you tomorrow. I'm going tanning after school with Whitney and Danielle. Fun! I'll see when I can give you an update.

Good night!

At Tracys

Yesterday after school I hung out with Levi. We grabbed subway I went down to the park just to talk for a lil bit. After that I went back to Tracy's where Tracy and Cody was waiting for me, and I spend the night there.

Right now I'm eating breakfast and getting ready to leave. I acctually have some homework I have to do today, as in Digital Design, Journalism and maybe English. Unusual!

Well, gotta go now! See ya!

Super Bowl party


Me and 11 others went to Ethans Cabin yesterday for Super Bowl. It was a lot of fun, and Giants won, perfect.

Here are two pictures and a song.

Have a great day!

Jess, Mindy and I


Friday, I went to Jess's coaches house to eat dinner. They had taccos and a lot of people was there to celebrate or honor the players or something like that. After that, Jess went to see her boyfriend and me and Sidney went to the movies with some friends. We saw woman in black this time, and it's suppose to be really scary. And I get scared really easy!! So I thought I was gonna pee my pants. But it actually wasn't scary at all.

Wait, I'm confuest now. I'm not sure if that was Friday or Saturday. And I don't remember what I did the other day. Haha... Good job!

Well, tonight I'm gonna go to a friend and watch super bowl with a group of people. Exciting!!! I want New York to win!!!!!!


Hey guys,

Last night me, Katie and Jess went to the boys game. It was pretty boring, and they lost. I must bring bad luck because every game I've been to they've lost. And they win the mayority of their games.

Well, when the game was over we went out to eat, and then streight home. When we got home, me and Jess got stuck in front of the camera. We even made videos haha. Or we took so many pictures in a short time that they made a movie.

Here are just a few of the ones we took yesterday

Started out normal

Grattis pappa! | Happy birthday

Värlens bästa pappa fyller år idag! Tusen, tusen grattis. Önskar jag hade kunnat vara där och gratta dig idag.

Kram!! Älskar dig ♥

A few promdresses

Here are a few promdresses so far. Still no one that I really, really like.. Didn't mean the last one to be that big. It's not my favorite or anything, just letting you know. I did a drawing on how I want mine to look like. Might scan it and show you one of these days.

Newyorkdresses.com, tidebuy.com (do you have any other good websites with promdresses, please comment)

This is why we take more than one picture

This is a good example why we take more than one picture. Not even one of these turned out to be good. In the first one, only dad is smiling, second one, only my brother, and then they got tired of me taking pictures and that didn't turn out perfect. Lets just leave it like that..


Here are some basketball pictures. I'm going to another game tonight because it's senior night with the basketball team and the seniors will be honored.

Whitney, Kaithlyn and Kasey (all the seniors at the team exept for Jess, because she took the pic)

Haley and I

Robin and I

Logan, Jess dad, me and Austin

Skola, miljo

paulinaaa om Wonderful day:
skulle inte du kunna göra ett inlägg om hur det ser ut där du bor och din skola och miljön osv med din egna kamera..
skulle vara jättesnällt :) <3

Det var ju precis det jag gjorde haha. Alla bilder pa min blogg ar tagna med min kamera. Basketmatcherna ar fran skolans gym, sen hade jag massa skolbilder nyligen nar mina foraldrar var har. Och vardagsbilder. Jag gjorde ett inlagg med bara skolbilder, pa hur skolan ser ut tidigare. Kolla bak i arkiven sa kommer du hitta massa.

Wonderful day

I've enjoyed this day soo much. New energy, and new inspiration. I didn't work out today after school, even though I planned on it. Instead, I went down to the state park with Bud where we walked the dogs.

I enjoyed it so much! I couldn't believe how wonderful the weather was. It was so warm that I could wear a tanktop and be alright. It literaly was like a Swedish summerday and it's only first day of February. This is sooo rare they say, but I can't complain!

When we got home we grilled some hamburgers, and that made me even more excited for summer. Can't, can't, can't wait til I can walk outside in a dress, when I can tann again and feel prettier, when I can do all those things I love. I can keep going forever so I just stopped instead!

Here are some pictures from around our neighbourhood. Took them another day when we were walking the dogs. Has been a few "walking the dogs" lately, and I like that.

I had fun posing in sunglasses...

Semba and Kiara (not sure about the spelling)

On the way down to the creek

Yes, the closest one is a donkey

Sometimes you can cross the creek right here. In the matter of fact, I did it once with Jimmy when the water was up high in his truck. It even started to come water inside of it...

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