Tonight's plans

I'm in school right now, just finished my journal that I'm about to turn in here in a little bit. We have to write a journal in journalism every friday and kind of look back on our week, how everything turned out as far as it comes to goals and self critics and stuff like that.

Enough about school. Tonight, or after school I'm gonna go to wax my eyebrows. After that I'll probably tann, and then get subway. Subway, I love that place too much. I get it all the time, ppl here thinks I'm crazy. But that's alright. And speaking of what's crazy. Of course we get pizza for lunch today. It's too much pizza and fries, and fried stuff here. Guess what? Yesterday they had some new sidedish, and guess what it was... Fried greenbeans or something. And the lunchlady asked me if I wanted to try. And I did, but I couldn't even taste the green beans. It was like dubble the thickness of fried stuff. Mmm yummi!! haha..

And then later tonight is the boys sectional game. Jess'll start working but I might end up going there anyway. I think so. I have some other plans but they're not for sure yet.

Best picture ever. Emily when she's dying laughing :D

Postat av: Hadil

när flyttade du till USA? hur många läsare har du? vore kul att veta för din blogg är intressant!!:)

2012-03-03 @ 21:43:35

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