Hey again! I'm going to grandma's now. So I'll talk to you tonight or tomorrow. Have a great day! ♥


Hey everyone!

Sorry for a bad update yesterday but I had my reasons. What are you all doing today? I'm home right now, just ate breakfast. Me and Klara will soon do launry and help with stuff like that here in our house.

I fotgot to show you when I tried red lipstift, so here it is:

Parts of our yard

I just wanted to show you parts of our yard. I have no other pictures this morning, so I felt like that could be interesting...

Pictures from yesterday

Greatest breakfast (biscuits and gravy)

Alyssa and Sidney today

Some activity yesterday

Todays outfit

Jeans - Cheap Monday, shirts - MQ, belt - Greece


I loved my last nails. They were zebra. Right now I have french manicure with some details, like silver and white. I'll show you a picture later.

Todays supper

Turkey, mashed potatoes, bread and gravy
The meringue powder had a beautiful name, haha. (Det är typ florsocker/vanljsocker för alla svenskar).

Dagens outfit

Jeans - Tiger of Sweden, shirt - Jessicas (and I don't know from where)

Blir så arg ibland bara...

Jag fick en kommentar nyligen angående detta inlägget.

Tänkte bara snabbt kommentera/klargöra lite saker här. 1) Det är inte jag på bilden. 2) Det är en fejk-päls. 3) Ta reda på vad du snackar om innan du öppnar käften.

Ha det fint allihoppa!

Pumpkinshow pictures part II

Oreo ice-cream must be the best


Cheerleading competition

Sidney again

Jordan, Klara and Sidney

Sidney and I

Haha, Klara, Sidney and I. Hot chicks!


Klara, Kasey, Kaitlyn and Jessica

Sidney and a boy

We were eating Chinese


Jessica and I

We had so much fun!!!

We took a lot of pictures, and I said "protend that u are me", this is what I get

Kaitlyn, Kasey, Sidney and Alyssa


I'm eating breakfast right now. Roast beef sandwiches and milk. Tastes good! I have a blogpost for you around 15:00 (Swedish time). I have to go now so I get in time for school. Have a good day!

Pumpkinshow-pictures part I

Amos and Jess (Jessica), king and queen candidates from our school (South Ripley)

They boys cheered for Jess

Everyone had to answer a question and tell something about themselves

Congratz to Jess who won!!

Klara at the pumpkin-show

Hahah, two very funny guys

Me, Austin and Klara

Klara before the pumpkinshow one day

Me (this is at Morgans house)

One of the rides

Another one

Me, Morgan, Sarah, Lindsay, Lauren and Klara


I promised you an outfit picture. I'll try to start taking thoes again. My black jeans are from Sweden (Dr. Denim) and the shirt is Jessicas (from Victoria Secret).


We've just been eating some good kind of cookie here in the journalism-class. We always get cookies or candie or sometimes even cakes here in this class. It's awesome!

I have nothing to do right now because I'm finished with my article. When I come home I have to do History and English. I think I'll just do the History though, because the English is not due until the end of this week.

I'll take an outfit picture today by the way. Then I might give you some pictures from the weekend. We'll see!

Talk to you guys later! ♥

U.S. History

I am in U.S. History with my friends.  We are working on our Power Point presentations about slavery and the Civil War.  We are going to start presenting them tomorrow morning in class. 

But I have to go now because the bell is about to ring!


Last day of this weekend and I have barely been home until now. I stayed at Jessicas house from Friday to today andwe had so much fun. I've had a great weekend!

I have to do a powerpoint now because we have a history-presentation Monday or Tuesday. I'll give you a lot of pictures later (I have so many!!!).

I just did my nails again, and this is the resultate

Before I fall asleep


We're planing to go to pumpkin-show today again. I'm excited, but first I have to sleep for some hours. I'll show you more pictures another day. Tomorrow is senior-float btw!!!! That will be a lot of fun!!!

Two pictures from first day of pumpkinshow

Me, Klara and Katie

Me, Klara and Taylor

About the pumpkin-show


I have journalism right now but I'm finished with everything that I have to do. So, I figured that I can take this hour to tell you some things that you might wonder about.

First of all, the pumpkinshow. It's kind of a festival here in Versailles and it's a huge deal for everyone that I've met here so far. Everyone is so excited, at least at my school. 

What you really do is that you walk around in a cirkels and meet your friends, buy food (corndogs mmmmm, elephant-ears, carmel-apples, funny-cakes or something like that, porkburgers, lemon shake-ups and much more), ride rides and just having a good time. I really enjoy it, and yesterday I had so much fun. 

As I said, you just walk around. I don't really know why I like it cause it's nothing like home. I mean, Liseberg and all that is HUGE according to pumpkinshow. But at this festival or whatever there are also some "happenings" during the days. The picture I uploaded yesterday was from the King and Queen contest for example. There has also been other things like pie-eating contest, performances and more. Today there'll be a talent-show and all the seniors will ride the "mary-go-ride" together. This is things that I wouldn't experience in Sweden. Mary-go-round is a ride for 5 year old little kids, but I think that's kind of the charm with it. (Det är en karusell med hästar some åker runt och runt ni vet).

I have met some new friends too, which I love. Everyone back home who knows me knows that I love to meet new people and be social and stuff like that. That's why yesterday was so good!

I've took a lot of pictures so when this weekend is over I'll show you. I might upload some of them when I come home today too. If your lucky this raining Friday, haha. Because it's raining here, unfortunately.

What else? Dad, you asked me if I talk a lot with my friends back home. And, I don't really do that. I know that a lot of you read my blog though (I have about 100 unik readers everyday now) and some of my friends e-mail me from time to time.

I'm so glad that I did this. I have been homesick once, and just felt like everything is better back home. But I've never wanted to go home. There's actually a difference. I'm so glad that I have the hostfamily that I have, and that Klara is my hostsister. I'm also lucky to have so helping and caring friends here around me, because what if no one would care at all? What if everyone acted all bitchy about new students coming to their school? That would be so hard.

Okey, enough for this period. I'll keep you guys updated as good as I can the rest of this week. And I hope ya'll have a great weekend. Hugs! ♥

Jag lever

Tänkte bara göra ett litet snabbt inlägg och säga att jag lever och allt är bra. Jag njuter av mina två första dagar på pumpkinshow. Fler blir det!

Jag har mycket och berätta, men mina dagar kommer vara fullproppade fram tills måndag. Jag ska dock försöka att slänga in lite bilder då och då och försöka berätta lite kortfattat vad allt handlar om.

Jag njuter och jag är så glad att jag gjorde detta, för detta är MITT år!!!!

Jessica (i mitten) vann och blev utsedd till "queen 2011"!!!!

First day of pumpkin-show


It's time for first day of pumpkin-show. I'm excited and I just have to figure out what to wear, then it's time to go.

We got out journalism t-shirts today, and we also got a lot of sweets. All the sweets was from Tracy and it was so cute. That really made my day because I love surprises!!

Friendship market

Candice, me and Klara
Me and Tracy eating corndogs and drinking lemon shake-ups. Mmmmm, so good!
Buying popcorn
Saw this boat and thought about my dad. Think he would like it
Real fur
Me and Klara
Klara and I in the car (Tracys moms car, so old, but so comfy)

Klara with some popcorn. The red ones is soo good! (cinnamon or something)

Parts of our yard

Today is the first day of pumpkinshow. Exciting! Everyone is so excited and I don't really know why and what we are doing. But we'll attend to pumpkinshow this afternoon, and I'm looking forward to it. It's today though, but still, I have to go to school first.

I'm starting this morning with showing you parts of our yard. It's huge! I mean, there could be so many houses here, but we have beans and corns everywhere I think.

Well, I have to go now. Getting dressed and putting on some make-up. Have a great day! I have a timed post at 18:00 (swedish time) as well, which is 12 lunchtime here in the States.

I might make a post during the day too, you never know. Bye!!

Senior clothes

I got some of my seniorclothes today. It's a black hoodie and a gray t-shirt with all the seniors name on the back. And my full name is spelled correctly with the ö and é and all that. Awesome!

I'm still waiting on one more hoodie and another t-shirt. And of course of the cap and gown, and tassle that we need for graduation. Oh my, I'll look like a fool. As fast as I have them I'll show you. Haha, if you try not to laugh. And I'm looking forward to when the time has come for them to say my name in the speakers. I have to make them practice or something...

Raiders Riot

Last week mine and Klaras first articles published in our schoolpaper. This is what they looked like.


Klara finally found her size

Zebra nails

Just fixed my nails. Like them! Now it's time to sleep, it's almost 12 here and I have to go up in 6 and a half hour. Goodnight!

Ipod shuffle

Jag älskar apple! Seriöst, fy i helvete va bra dom är, alltid. Måste bara beskriva min kärlek till dem lite snabbt här på svenska. Jag måste ju säga att allt är bra med dem. Förpackningarna till deras devices, alltid så små och bara med det nödvändiga. Bruksamvisningarna är minimala med endast det nödvändiga (till skillnad från alla andra). Smart tänk på allt och ja, bara helt fantastiska.

Okey everyone! I bought an iPod shuffle today. A pink one. I wanted a red, but they didn't have it and after thinking between green and pink I chose the pink one.

I'll show you more pictures from Walmart tomorrow, because now I have brush my teeth and get ready for bed. Sweet dreams everyone.

Elementary school

Hi again!

The school has end and I'm sitting in the elementary-school (school for younger children) and waiting for Tracy who's at a meeting. It's okey cause they gave us computers so we have something to do.

After this we are going to Walmart and we are also sending back my Swedish phone. Hope it works now, I've tried for weeks.

I don't have any pictures here so you have to be happy with just the text. I know it's boring but I've actually putted on a lot of pictures lately. And it will be more tonight because I havn't showed you all of them yet, I think.. Otherwise we'll take some pictures today too.

Well, that was it for now. Have a great evening Sweden!


Digital Design

So, this is what I am doing right now: painting leafs...

Biscuits i konservförpackning

We are making biscuits right now. These are so good. Have you ever seen them packed in canned foodbox before?

More pictures

Hey guys!

I have some more pictures to show you. And I'm running out of things to tell you about anyway, so I just make this a picture-post. I know you love it! I'll post pictures from the market tomorrow.

Sarah this Thursday
Cody eating a footlong

Katie and Taylor eating lunch

I took my favorite picture of Sarah

Lindsay and Taylor in the gym (after lunch)




Jessica and me

Friday night

3 pictures from when we stayed at Lindsays.

Cody and Klara
Sarah and I



I was so tired yesterday so I fell asleep around half past 10, wonderful. I had a great sleep and now I am awake again. I'm always moody and don't want to talk in the morning, but I have a feeling of that this day will be a good day. I just needed sleep yesterday, because I did barely talk in the evening.

Now it's time to eat, and then church. See ya!

The school

Okey everyone, this is South Ripley High-school. Enjoy!

A classroom. Everyday in the morning they are saying/showing their respect to the country as one nation. The headmaster is starting the morning with this sentence and after that he is talking about coming events and stuff like that. "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and jutice for all."
The hallway
Chicken-Thursday (they are serving chicken every Thirsday)

The lady in the disk where we pay our food
Library, where we are spending our last period everyday
The lockers. I have the one to the very right
Jessica in the library

Klara at the journalism-class

Some girls in my journalism (whom I'm going to New York with)

Megan while we were doing the display-case

Raiders Riot is the name of our schoolpaper

Lunch area

The stage in the lunch area

The choir room

Klara wearing the orangewest (that you have to wear when you are going to the restrooms)

Me wearing it

The restrooms

Auto-flush and everything.... hahaha

Young Confederates (our dance/performer group in choir)

The schoolbus looks exactlly like in the movies

Hope this post gave you a better view of my school, cause it took me forever to make. I'll show you more pictures of my friends and stuff tomorrow, and also of todays market-shopping. Have fun! I have to take a shower now and get ready!

Next post will be pictures

Hi everyone!

Sorry for a bad update, but now I'm back again. We slept at Lindsays house last night and it was a lot of fun. We didn't really do anything though, but it's nice to get to know new people better.

We just came home from "friendship market" which is kind of a Redneck market with a lot of random stuff.

I'll show you a lot of pictures, from yesterday, from school and from today. This will all be published during this weekend (I know for sure that you'll get at least one post filled with pictures today).

While waiting, you can look at some of the poptarts-flavors.

Got the letter

Just a quick update. I got the letter.

Next up: Food, I'm starving
Second: Fix the iPhone
Tonight: Hang out with some friends at their house


Goodmorning everyone!

I'm in a hurry, but just wantet to show you my curls. Bye! ♥

Last period

I really have nothing to do. I already did my history-test (which I got 95% on) and the historyhomework. I did our math-homework in class. I finished the digital design assignment in class too, and we don't really have homework in either study-hall or choir. So, I'm just here in this last period doing nothing. Feels good though!

Tomorrow it's friday again. This week has gone by fast. I don't know what we are doing this weekend. Candice and Caleb is comming home from collage again, so I guess we'll spend time with them. Tomorrow we might go to some friends place and just hang out. We'll see!

Anyway, me and Klara are going to take some more pictures now. See ya!

I brought my camera today

I brought my camera to school today. I've been taking pictures of the lunch-area, the gym, the classroom and more. I will show you all of it tonight or tomorrow.

And we might be able to go to Walmart after school today. If we do, I'll blog again when I come home (which will be later than usual).

Have a good day/evening.


History test

I don't like early mornings, at all. I'm never in a good mood.

Today we'll have a historytest. I have no idea how that will end, but I'm gonna try and do my best. I hope we can go to Walmart today, but I'm not sure about that. Walmart, for you who doesn't know, is like a big shop (kind of like Ica Maxi) but a lot better. They have everything, and you can actally find clothes and stuff like that there (which you according to me can't at Ica Maxi - Sweden).

I have to go now, so I won't be late.

This is what it looks like when I Tracy is playing with Swedish candy

This weekends shopping

We've been eating a lot again. We had hamburgers, soup and then brownies and ice-cream for desert. Tastes so good, but I really have to go out running soon.

We didn't go to Walmart after school today, but I hope we can do it tomorrow. I'm negative though.

I want to show you some of the things that I bought this weekend. Everything on the pictures, and even more things like underwear, cookies and stuff.


Snabbt svar till pappa: Jag vet att jag kan ha blixten men vill inte ha den blanka, inklippta kanslan, you know.

I'm at school right now, one lesson left. After this we're going home or to Walmart. Hopefully Walmart! I have to look at some iPods, nail-and hair stuff. We also have some homework today, cause we have history-test tomorrow. We'll see if I study for that. I feel like I have to, kind of, because I havn't payed that much attention to the lessons and I actually don't know much at all about this chapter. But we'll see.

Tomorrow we'll get our midterms, which is our grade for the first half of 9 weeks. The schoolyear is divided in 9 week-terms and the half time of that is called "the midterms". We can check this online, so mom and dad, if you want to I might (!!!) give you the adress and pass for that site.

It's time to go now! Talk to you when I'm home again. Bye! ♥

Makes me wanna

Hey everyone!

This is a timed post, because I figured you'll miss me to much. Yesterday I told you that my blog might not be very interesting everyday, but please know that I'm trying my best. Some days you'll have to stick with me being a boring Swedish teen, but that's not very often because I'm usually so much fun!!! Jokeing! But yeah, kind of like that.

Here comes some pictures. I found a lot of inspiration in all of them, and I would love to have the stuff in the pictures. This makes me want to go out and photograph and also be photographed. I want to be allowed to wear that outfit too, which I'm not. Or, I'm not in school but outside school. Just look through them, they're awesome.

Source: Keep your mango fresh


Tried to make a "today I'm wearing this/outfit" but it didn't went to good. I give you the two pictures anyway. It's nothing special, just my jeans (Pepe Jeans), a black tank top (Forever21), a belt (Greece) and a black shirt with zipper (Juicy Couture).

11 questions

I got some questions and I'll take this post to answer all of the ones I got so far.

- Do you think your english is getting better?
Well, it might be a bit better. I've learned some new words and stuff, a lot of slang and my capactity of understanding this redneck-accent is definitely better.

- Have you stated to dream in english yet?
I don't know, because I havn't dreamt since I left.

- How is the weather now? Getting colder yet?
What a Swedish question. But yeah, it's colder already. You can still be outside with just a t-shirt if you'd like to though. I really don't want it to be colder than that!

- Do you have lot's of contacts with your Swedish friends or have everyone forgot about you now?
I wouldn't call is lots of, cause it's not everyday. Or, I talk with someone (on facebook/skype) from home everyday. But it's rare the it is same person two days in a row.

- Do you get a lot of questions about Sweden from your US friends?
Of course I do! Some more stupid than the others. Just kidding, but some of the questions are really funny. "Do you have a Santa Claus?", "Do you have phones over there?", they asked Klara "Do you have like an Austrian Lil Wayne?". Can't think of more right now, but I laugh so hard to some of the questions that I get.

- Do you miss Swedish candy, like Marabou/4GOTT?
No, not really. I have some candy left, and the candy over here is really good. There are a lot of new things to try, but I have to take it a bit easy. My jeans are tighter than ever before...

- What about the trip to New York?
Yes, that's right. I'm going to New York around spring. The payment is in either January or February so more information about that is comming later (in a couple of months). I'm also going on a Senior-trip, but we haven't been informed about that yet. I'll tell you when something is settled.

- Why do you sleep so little?
What kind of question is this? The time goes by so fast in the evenings and while I am enjoying my life I don't really feel like sleeping even though I know that the next morning will be terrible. Guess that is kind of why. And in the weekends I'm up late too, because I'm haveing a good time. I always slept and relaxed every Sunday back home, but I can't do that here because of church.

- Do you hate or like the carzy American rules?
This is a difficult question to answer, because at first, I don't know all of them. Second of all, I'm so used to the Swedish way of living, which sometimes make me negative to the American way of it. I guess they have their reasons to theirs, and we to ours. But the one rule that I find most difficult is the relationship between a man and a woman. I'm talking about the friend-relationsship. I have a lot of boyfriends (friendships) back home and they are at my house alone with me, and I'm at theirs. It doesn't work like that over here. If you are very close to a boy, like you can be to a girl, friendswise, then people starts to make rumors and they'll see you as a couple. I'm not telling you that it's always like that, because I don't know. But it seems like, so far.

- Tell us more about church. Quite nice, or??
Church is a place where people come together and are friendly to eachother. Everyone cares about you, wants to help you and are openminded. This is three very good human qualitys according to me. I like the positive spirit and all that part, but I'm usually very tired. When the bell rings around 8-8:30 Sunday-morning I'm not very glad to get out of my lovely bed. I'm trying to be positive, but at least one time during the prayers or speaking I'm about to sleep. The church is loud and I'm looking forward to take my family there. I wonder what their reaction will be like. I know that they'll love the people, but I think they'll find it different, as I did because my family doesn't go to church back home. Even if we did it would be so much different from the church here. The pastor is really getting in to his subject or speak, he can scream, and so can people from the audience do, during the speach.

- Are you popular over there? Any dates yet?
A lot of boys finds it interesting with new cultures and Sweden has a great record. "All the girls in Sweden are so pretty". Everyone wants to talk to the exchange students, or the "foreigners". So I guess we are quite popular. You just have to say "yes" to everything and talk a lot. And I was at my first date this weekend. It was a good one. We went out eating (Italian) and then we were supposed to go to the movies. But we didn't, which I thought was great. I had been shopping all day and I have a tendency to fall asleep during movies. We bought milkshakes instead and took a walk down the river. Cozy, and better according to me, because then you can actually talk and get to know the person. My date was with Caleb, Tracys son. I've been asked for more dates, but I'm not sure about them yet. We'll see! I'll keep you updated.

That was all questions for this time. Hope you didn't get to bored while reading them. And hope you got the answer you wanted. Now it's time for me to but all my new clothes in the closet. I might take pictures at them to, otherwise I'll do that another day when I'm wearing them.



It's nap time, I'm so tired. This will be a great one, and when I wake up it'll be time for dinner. Have a great time and I'll write again later. My blog feels so empty by the way. I just write what I'm doing, is there something else you want to know? Any new questions, or a wish for a special post or something?


Tracy is sick today and willl stay home. Me myself is extreamly tired and just want to go back to sleep. This day will not be the best ever, but it's okey. I will try to stay awake. But when I come home I'll definitely take a long nap.

Have to go! Talk to you guys later ♥

Dear mom

I just want to wish you a great day. I know that you'll wake up soon and read my blog, and maybe your day can turn out better and it normally does. Maybe someone can make you smile one more time than yesterday. Maybe you have more enery today and just feel that extra feeling of happyness. That's my wish this evening.

- I love you mom!

Have a great day, enjoy it and send greetings to everyone that I know back home. You do everything for me, and that is worth so much more than what words ever could describe. Much more than I ever could imagine to give you. But I know that you are pleased enough with my energy and love, even though I have a disposition to get really mad and act unfair to you sometimes.

Lots of love! And thank you for never giving up ♥

Mom and I in Turkey this summer

(Dad, it is your turn another day. I love you, and you know that. Erik, you 2!!)

Up next: cookies & ice-cream

Hallo everyone!

We just had supper and now it's time to relax (again). In one hour ich we'll have desert, chockolate chip-cookies and ice-cream. Mmmm, lovely!

Mom and dad, I have something I have to talk to you about. So we can maybe talk on skype tomorrow or if someone of you just call me after 3 (my time).

What else do I have to tell you. I had my school-photo taken today. It sucked, seriousally. I'm used to have my head a bit to the right when I smile. He made me have it to the left, and from a wierd angel. But I am in the States now, so from what I've heard do I have one more chance, and then I can choose between those two pictures. Hopefully!

Me in the forrest by my house

Tomorrow: school-photo

Hey again!

I have to go to sleep soon so I can get my beauty-sleep. Tomorrow is school-photo on the schedule and I still don't know what to wear. I don't know if I'll have a colored shirt, or a black. Hard decision! At least I know how I want to have my make-up and hair.

Well, I have to brush my teeth and pick an outfit now. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Have a great day (Sweden) and a good night America.

I wore my new dress today (to church)

9/11 & shopping


I've tried for a long time now, but now it works. The internet is slow and doesn't always work. But we bought a new router today, but I think it's the same speed as before.

Today it's 9/11 and everyone here in the States give their thoughts to the affected people. We have wrote letters to soildiers and some of my friends wrote to the police officer or other helpers 10 years ago. What happened was terrible and it reallt woke the strong U.S up. The contry is amazing, so incredible strong. If they want to ruin the world, they can, no doubt. But things have changes after this, for example is their safty policy much strickter. Today or yesterday, I don't remember, did they arrest a man because he acted suspicious. They didn't find any proof at all, so they just made him miss his flight like that. Of course they are afraid for something new to happen, but to arrest an innocent man can percieve wrong.

I give you guys some pictures from yesterdays shoppingtrip. And today (so far) we've only been to church and now it's time for supper.

Klara at the mall

My sub (chicken chicken teriyaki)

Me at the mall

One of the best cookies I've ever tasted

Klara and some caps

Klara and me


A great ice-cream shop


Well, since I'm on a shopping trip right now I decided to time a post for you guys. And, why not embarise myself? I found this picture the other day when I was looking through a lot of old stuff. Movies, documents, pictures, you name it. I can tell you this, that this picture was not the only one. I have so many of them, it's not even okey.

Hope it at least made you laugh...

And when you're already laughing, why not laugh again? (Sorry mom, but this picture is quite funny...)


Good morning!

I hope everything is good with you today. I'm tired, but it's okey. I've been more tired before.

As you can see did I time a post yesterday that came up some hour ago. That was for you in Sweden so you can check my blog more than once today and still see new posts.

Right now I'm sitting in the kitchen and eating an american breakfast. Tastes very good (american panncakes). So I'm gonna continue with that, because then I have to get ready for the day. SHOPPING! Have a great day! Another post will be come up later today, and then I'm back tonight. Hugs!

Something I miss

Something I really miss and have to appriciate more is the boat life. Gah, what I love that. I had so much fun with the jetskiis the other week, and it reminds me of my life at home, by the ocean. Summertime in Sweden spends mostly by the ocean, either in a boat, on the beach or just on a cliff. We go waterskiing, spend a night on an island, have a BBQ, go for a swim. You name it! It just, awesome. So, that's what I miss the most right now. And yes mom, dad, brother, friends, I won't forget you. I miss you 2! ♥

My dad
Mom and I at a resturant with a lake right beside it (a few weeks before I left)
Our last trip (to Spain) before I left

Looking forward to the shopping day


What an American day. It started out with high school, voting for king and queen and now in the evening we went to a football-game with homecoming. My day couldn't have happend in Sweden.

It's time to go to bed soon because tomorrow is shopping day. It will be so much fun and we'll leave home at 9 o'clock in the morning. I hope to find lots of things, from underwear, to cute tops, shirts, maybe a skirt, some hairpruducts, comportable pants (like sweatpants), hoodie and maybe something more. You see, I have a lot of things that I wan't to buy. I also have this outfit in my mind that I really want to copy. With jeans, a tight so called "body" and a shirt over it. I don't know how to explain it, but if I find it I'll take a picture and show you.

This is another nice outfit

Goodnight everyone! I'll put at least one post on timeing tomorrow. Hugs!


We are fixing the internet and I'm eating american panncakes. Boom, there! Everything at once.

Today has been a day that you won't be able to experience in Sweden. We have voted for king and queen for pumpkin-show. Pumpkin-show is a big thing here in Indiana. You are supposed to grow your biggest pumpkin. I've heard that they grow better with milk. But I don't know, I'm not going to try that.

The pumpking show is for 1 week. Everyone is excited and a lot of people has already started to prepare. The pumpkin-show is in the end of this month I think.

I didn't bring my camera to school today because I didn't know about the voting, but I'll fix pictures in some other way, and then I can show you guys.

I have to take a nap now. I'm so tired, just want to sleep!!

Talk to you later, have fun! Bye! ♥

My first videoblog

Do you like it or not? Would you like me to continue? What would you like me to talk about/tell you/inform you about/do? And in english or Swedish?


Internet is soooo slow! I'm sorry!!! I tried to do a videoblog but it really doesn't work. I'll try again later!


Hey everyone!

I had internet-problems yesterday, which will be my reason for not blogging. Hopefully I don't have that today.

The time is now 7 in the morning and I'm soon in the car on my way to school. I just have to eat and give me some makeup in 15 minutes total. We'll see if I manage that.

Have to go. Here is my dreamhair

Sept 7th

Hello sweeties!

Today it's Wednesday and a new day in school. I'm not looking forward to it at all, because I'm way to tired for that. I also know that I have to sing today, in front of the class, which I don't like. But I will bring some people with me so we can sing together.

I'm also thinking when I should go on my first date. Sounds like fun but we'll see what happens. That it something I at least have to do before I go back to Sweden.

I have to go now, because we're leaving in 20 minutes ich. Love! ♥


In the living-room

Hey everyone!

I feel so happy. I'm extreamly tired, but I really feel happy. I'm filled of inspiration and there is so many things I want to do. I want to start writing my article for the newspaper, I wan't to go shopping, I wan't to buy the serior-clothes, I want to meet new people, I want to make my hair really pretty one day (and I want it to grow), I wan't to learn some songs on both piano and guitarr and I want to play them for someone. I want to play in church too, when Tracy is singing. I want to make my youtube-account so I can show you readers in Sweden. I'm running out of things to write that I want to do, but I promise you that it's a lot of more things.

Right now I'm sitting in our livingroom and Klara is sleeping beside me. I'm tired and want to sleep, but at the same time I want to do all these things. Hard decision right? We'll see, I won't be more cleaver of sitting here and writing about it by myself. Haha!

Right now

Swedish again, sorry guys

Fick två till frågor. Svarar lite kortare på dessa för jag måste verkligen sova nu. Det har varit en fullproppad helg och jag är helt slut. Jag har inte sovit speciellt mycket förutom idag. I morgon är det skola igen.

1. "Du nämnde att du var på fest i helgen. Dricker folk då och kan du göra det? Vad har du för tider när du ska vara hemma? Hoppas du inte tycker att det är jobbigt att jag frågar så mycket <3"

Det finns två sorters fester, "bra" och dåliga". På de "bra" festerna finns ingen alkohol, medan de "dåliga" kan allt från alkohol till droger förekomma. I USA är det 21 år åldersgräns på att dricka och det är inte ovanligt att polisen kommer förbi om det är för stora fester (vad jag har hört). Jag får inte dricka för verken USA:s lag, för EF (föreningen jag åkte hit med), eller för värdfamiljen. Och min tid när jag ska vara hemma varierar. Egentligen vill de ha hemma oss klockan 12, men om vi ber om längre går det ibland. Vi ska ju till kyrkan på söndagar så vi får ta hänsyn till det. På festen blev vi hämtade av Candice (värd-dottern) och Luke (han som va här) klockan 1. Så vi var hemma halv 2-2 någonting.

Fortsätt fråga om du undrar mer!

2. "En fråga till, haha vad har din skola för dresscode?"

I min skola ska shortsen gå nedanför halva låren (om du håller din arm längsmed kroppen så ska shortsen vara längre än till fingerspetsarna). Dina toppar/tröjor måste vara minst 4 fingrar bred i banden. Du får inte visa mage och kläderna får inte vara genomskinliga.


This post is timed, but I felt that I had to. I mean, I have been really bad at updating my blog lately, or at least this weekend. I know that it's so different now because of the timedifference, and my blog is not like before. I blog about my life over here now, and "todays-outfit" is rare. "Inspiration", "Style" and "New clothes" are not common at all. I blogged about some of those things everyday before. But I hope you still find my blog interesting.

I want to give you some inspiration now. This 4 outfits do I want to wear. And hopefully we'll go shopping this weekend. I really need that, because I feel like I have no clothes.

Är det värt?

Anonym om A really bad blog-weekend:
funderar på att åka nästa år. Men undrar om det verkligen är värt det? asså är det värt att gå om, va ifrån sin familj och vänner o.s.v.? är det så fantastiskt som alla säger?

Blir lite svenska igen då eftersom jag fick en fråga. Jag kan ju inte rättvist svara på denna eftersom jag inte gjort mitt år och gått med 95.or (ett år yngre) än. Men, hittills, JA! Mitt mål med denna resan är självklart språket, men också att ta ett chill-år fyllt av avslappnande och med endast roliga saker. Jag vet att jag går i skolan men jag har inga mål över huvud taget med det. Jag måste bli godkännd (dvs, C) men det är inte svårt. Inte hittills. Jag ligger på A+ i matte just nu, och 1 % ifrån A i Amerikansk historia. Jag fick alla rätt förutom 1 fråga på sista provet. Sammanlagt har jag väl pluggat 30 min inför det. Rätt sjukt! Så skolan är lättare här måste jag säga.

Och ja, jag tycker det är underbart här. Om du läste mitt långa inlägg om helgen så är det bara ett exempel på att det hela tiden händer massa saker och att man träffar nya människor hela tiden. Så om du vill ta en paus från svenska skolan och bara träffa massa nytt folk samtidigt som du lär dig engelska så JA. Det är värt!!

A really bad blog-weekend

It has been a long weekend. A long and a funny one!! This Friday a guy named Luke came here, and a lot of other people come here to see him. We laughed and just hang out, I don't remember what we really did, but we had fun. We ate chicken dumpling for supper and that was sooo good!

We were up late and then CJ and Justin came 4 in the morning or something. Those 3 guys lives in another state away from here, that's why everyone was excited for them to come. We sat outside on the porch and talked for a while and then we decided to go inside and sleep.

Next day was Saturday. Everyone really wanted to sleep, but Cason came early and I woke up of all that noice. And, Luke came in and woke both me and Klara up. I was not very happy in that moment. This day we took a swim, we talked, ate and took a nap. Then the evening came and we went to a party.

Sunday is church-day. Not the whole day, but from 10 to maybe 12. Usually I go up about 8:20-8:30 because Tracy & Greg wants to leave around 9:15. Today I didn't even hear my bell until 08:50, which is 20 minutes after the alarm turned on. I didn't hear it! Usually I wake up and hit snooze and then go to bed again. This time I didn't even hear it.

After church we went to Red Lobster which is a wonderful resturant. Their food is perfect and the bread we ate for appetiser was delicious. Mmm, I loved it!

We went home again and you know that I'm living on the countryside with a bunch of rednecks so we did some wierd thing. We made some kind of ramp and they (the boys) rode the bicykle with full speed on it and it leaded right into the pond. Not everyone is a redneck, but some are and that is funny. And some day I want to dress like a cowgirl. That would be so cool, with the jeans-shorts, the shirt, boots, hat, and the straw in my mouth.

As you see have I had a lot of things to do. That made me decide not to blog so much this weekend. "Not so much", not even once I think? So I'm sorry for that, but now when school starts again I'll keep up my work with my blog. Actually, I'll be even better tomorrow because we don't have school. I'm so happy!!!

Here is a picture from the bicykle-thing I tried to decribe

Good night everyone! I'll sleep many, many hours tonight and it will feel so good. This days haven't been much for sleeping...

Some pics

Here comes some random pictures while I'm sleeping. The time is 12 (daytime) in Sweden, and here it is 6 in the early morning. I did this post half past 3 in the night, which is one reason why I'll be sleeping for a long time today/this morning. I garantie you guys that I am sleeping right now, really deep! Whatever, I'll stop writing now and go to bed and make this post be published so everything I wrote about the time will be right.

Enjoy! ♥

Tracy is making banana-pudding

Our supper-table


CJ after he biked into the water

My host-dad Greg



Candice car

Good night

I'm going to bed. It's 15 past 5 in the morning and I feel very tired. I think it's time to sleep. Haha! Justin, CJ och Luke came today. Or, it's more people here, but those I just named is the ones that I've never met. Sorry, but I'm too tired for this. Good night! ♥

School show


What's up everyone? I'm sitting here, at the school again, last period. I'm waiting for some guys to interview me and Klara for some kind of webshow. Every Wednesday they're showing a show at the internet and next time we'll be in it. Have to go now, I'll write more about it later.

A long day

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the other post, it was really bad.

I just took a shower and now it's time to sleap. It feels like it has been a long day, but I'm not too tired which is super.

Tomorrow it's friday and I'm so excited for the weekend. And I'm also excited to see my history-test. Hopefully I'll see it tomorrow. I think I did okey, I mean, I've been worthless at all pre-tests and stuff like that because I haven't had a clue about the American history (and I found the language more difficult). That's why I want to see my resultate and I hope to do that tomorrow.

Tonight I've had curly hair for the first time in my life. I liked it! Wonderful Tracy did it and we decided that we have to do it again another time (because I took a shower right after it tonight).

Random, random

Heeeey dear friends!

I have been thinking about what this post should be about in a while, and I have no clue at all. So lets just write something... I mean, if I start talking/writing, I know I can continue for a while. So lets see what we get out of this.

Everyone is sleeping (taking a nap) except for me. Feels lonely, but also good. I'm just lying in my bed and writing this post. And today I feel like I have nothing to say which is unusual.

I just ate applepie and poptarts. This applepie was awesome, and my new favorite flavor on poptarts is sunday. And from now on, I have to toast them, that's just so much better.

I'm thinking about taking a nap too now. I realised that Iäm tired. And this post must be extreamly uninteresting, so I'll just stop here! See U, don't wanna be u, as they say here. Or, they don't, but u can.. I'm tired, that's why I'm just writing something. So please don't care about it.

And one more thing. I'll start a youtube account and maybe do some videoblogs...maybe! Haha, hugs!

September 1st

Hi again everyone! How are u guys today?

I'm in school right now and I don't have any homework. Awesome! I mean, I normally don't have, or I have but I finish them this last lesson.

Hope everything is great in Sweden. Here is everything perfect! I just wonder who commented on my blogg and named himself to "Bob". Interesting! And I wonder how you/that person understood my swedish. Whatever...

I found out what the strange animal is called. You remember? If not, here is a picture:

This animal is called suggar glider, and in swedish "korthuvad flygpungekorre". Never, ever heard of, but I laugh at the swedish name, lol.

After school today I'll talk to some friends of mine in Sweden. Hope the internet will work for that, otherwise I'm going to take a nap. I'm not very tired today, but a nap it always worth. Later tonight I think we're taking some pictures, me and Klara. That will be a lot of fun, and I'll show you guys them later.

Big hugs from Indiana!

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