New Years Eve

This is what I'm thinking New Years Eve. The one day that you just have to look pretty no matter what the weather is like, how tired or sad you are...whatever. Dressing up is an unwritter request you just got to follow. I'm gonna do my best to look really pretty tomorrow night.

Dress and boots (streight hair, kind of dark eyes and I don't know yet if I should wear black tights or not)
And I got my nails done. They're more like a raspberry color in daylight

One day at the mall

I didn't think I had anything more that I wanted, but I did. So today I bought a lot of more stuff. Mostly at Hollister. There's another store too, GH or something like that, a third in the Abercrombie/Hollister and all that company. I got two panties from there. And they offered me a job. So next year, whenever I turn 18 they'll call me.

Someone asked how old my brother is. He's 14, 15 in January.

Well, I have some stuff I need to get done tonight, so I'll talk to you more tomorrow. We'll spend New Years in Indianapolis I think. It's closer than Cincinatti.

Have a good night!

Me, my brother and Dad yesterday

Olive Garden

Good ending

I'm tired. We've done a lot of things today. My morning (I'm always in a shitty mood, like an extreme bad mood every morning) started out with flood in the toilet. It continued with a very slow breakfast...the food didn't come until 40 minutes later. Then we went to the navy pier here in Chicago and of course we had to park our car somewhere... so we did that in a parking house. But the problem was, that we didn't find a spot to park...until 15 floors later. Yes, I felt dizzy. After this, the pier turned out to be nothing special at all.

The day continued good. We waxed our eyebrows, got manicure and pedicure done and some shopping. Then dad was going to pick us up, but the traffic was CRAZY. We saw him drive by but then we missed him, so we had to wait another 30 minutes at least.

Eventhough all of this happened, our day had a good ending. We ate at Olive Garden which is an amazing resurant (probably my favorite). The day was pretty too, not too cold (8 C°) and the sun was shining. But thinking back of what actually happened, it was kind of a bad day.

Oh, and another thing. I got run over by a bus today. Not even kidding!! I was taking a picture and the bus ran into me... Good driver there! I give you a picture of the bus to for those who are interested. The "running over" recive the price for "most random of the day", no doubt.

Well, I have to get some sleep now. We're waking up early tomorrow for some tourist things.. going up in Willie skyscrape or something like that. Kind of exciting!

Sleep well my sweet blogreaders!

The bus

Me today

Chicago earlier today


Eriks first visit at Abercrombie & Fitch

Erik and I outside the cheesecake factory

The view from where we sat and ate lunch

My brother at this place. The signature was the name and we sat down and ate at the 95th floor. Nice!

Chicago at night/right before we left

Another day in Chicago

I have bought a whole bunch of stuff now. From shoes and socks, to clothes, to speakers and alarmclocks, to caubeen to a dress for New Years Eve and so much more. New Years will be celebrated in Cincinatti by the day. So I'm taking my family/they're taking me to Cincy. That'll be fun! I don't really know what we will do yet, but something nice I hope.

Here's a picture from yesterday. I have to take a shower now and then I'm getting ready to sleep. Have a good one!

Svar på fråga om USA

Anonym om Visited school:
Gud vad otroligt kul att åka till USA. Jag klickade mig nyss in på din blogg och jag fastnade direkt för den. Jag har också funderingar på att gå på high school nästa år, eller näst nästa. Vad är bäst om jag är född 1996? :) Har jag rätt om jag säger att du är 94a? så förstod jag det när jag läste någon lång text i alla fall. Sedan undrar jag hur mycket den här resan kostar, på ett ungefär? :)

Svar: Va kul att du gjorde det.. Jo, jag är ju 94:a och åkte samma år som jag börjar tvåan på gymasiet i skolan där hemma. Det gör att jag kan bli senior på high school här i USA och rekomenderar därför också att du gör samma. Då får du liksom uppleva graduation. Och jag tycker verkligen att detta är något du ska göra. Helt klart ett minne för livet. Jag trivs toppen!!!!

Resan, vad den kostar... Jag vet inte riktigt, tror väl att det är ca 70 000, men sen vet jag inte om försäkring och sprutor och alla sånna saker ingår. Det blir en del liksom. Vill inte säga nått pris heller för jag är verkligen inte säker. Men fråga antingen EF, STS, Explorer eller vilka du nu vill åka med. Själv åkte jag med EF. Kram!

Min klocka

Heej! Hittade bilden i det här inlägget på google ( din klocka är helt perfekt! Skulle du snälla kunna berätta vart du har köpt den? Måste bara ha den!
Kram, Lina

Svar: Tack så mycket!! Märket är Ingersoll och just min modell är en retro utan batterier, alltså är den mekanisk. Här (länk) är i alla fall deras hemsida. Lycka till!

Celebrating Christmas

I got so many nice things from both my friends and hostfamily here, and from my real family and familiars/friends in Sweden. I'd like to thank everyone so much. But you guys back home, I'll thank you more than just on my blog later...

Danielle, Jessica and Braidy

My brother and Buds mom

We got the best carmel apples ever from Kim (Robins sister)

New coat

I promised to show you my new coat. So, here you go. I'll try to keep you guys updated while I'm in Chicago, but some days might be harder. Just so you know. Enjoy!

Shopping downtown

I finally feel small/short next to my younger brother. That has never happened before.

Today we've been shopping downtown Chicago. I found some stuff, for example a new coat. I'll show you better pictures later because we're heading out here again. See ya guys!

Visited school

We visited school the very first day

Good morning

We are getting ready for another day of shopping! See ya later!!


My family have got to meet a lot of people these two days. It has been a lot of fun for both them and me. We also visited the school. This is a picture of me, my dad and my brother standing at the basketball plan.

Right now we are in Chicago. Today we've been shopping all way, finally I got to go to a Juicy store. We bought a lot of thing but still, we got more to buy.

Have a great evening. I'll eat carmel apples and snickerdoodles. Mmmmm!


I have to get ready. But Merry Christmas everyone!!! My mom and dad will be here in a lil bit so my blog will be put to the side. Other words: I wont do a lot of bloging until New Years.

Have a great time. I'll make some posts though.

2nd "kladdkaka" is baking

Decided to make two of them because I'll have to bring one with me tonight. We have a party with the journalism class where we'll eat some pizza and good desserts. So I'm bringing a Swedish one, if it's Swedish I dont really know. Anyway, I gotta go now before I burn it...

22 December

Christmas feelings!

I just came home. Stayed the night at some friends house last night. Right now I'm eating subway and getting ready for making a "kladdkaka" for tonight. That's gonna be great, especially the dough. I'll definitely eat some.

So, I'm gonna pump up the christmas music and eat some christmas candy and then I'm ready to start. Talk to you guys later.

Och Jennie - Klara är klar nu. Hon kommer inte tillbaka i vår. Och familjen kommer 23:e till Chicago. De är här den 24:e December. Kram!

Need to fix my nails

Either with nailpolish, or at a saloon, or fakenails that I put on myself. I don't know yet. My nails finaly start to grow out again after all the fake-nails I had months ago.

If I paint them, it'll be with these colors


Hayle and Tracy (Hayles mom) came over with gifts. I got a huge box of three different sorts of flavored popcorns. Butter, white cheddar and caramel. I also got a bath-kit. Thanks a lot guys! And, she made the homemade candy, that I by the way am still eating this morning.

It's time to get ready soon. I need to wrap presents, take a shower and pack my stuff before I leave. Hopefully I'll stay the night with some friends tonight. I'll just have to ask Robin.

Alright, here is a picture of what I got.


I'm sitting here eating home-made candy for breakfast while everyone is in school doing their final exams. Yes, I'm done!! I have break now!!!! I'm awesome!!!!

I asked for doing all my exams in two days instead of three, because I want to go with Klara to the airport today. And they said yes. So my break stared yesterday.

The final exams went by alright. I think I'll get a B in History though, because I only got 100/114 or something like that. But that's alright I guess, since it's American History.

I don't know about the other exams, but I'm curious to know.

Today, as I earlier mentioned, I'll go with Klara to Cincinatti (airport) and drop her off there. After that I'll hopefully go to Victoria Secret at the mall close to there, because they forgot to take the alarm or the beep-beep thing off my jacket I bought there a couple of days ago.


Journalism is...

...filled with cakes for our birthdayparties

...a great group of girls

...we give each other presents

and we are excited for Christmas
This is not all we do, because we work to. But this is the fun part of it. The 22nd, we're gonna have a Christmas-party with the teacher. Eat Christmasfood, exchange presents and talk. It's gonna be fun!

A little bit of shopping

Me and Bud went Christmas shopping yesterday. And obviousally I cant show you the gifts I got. But this is what I bought for me... I had to have something to sleep in. And a lotion with sparkles.. it's so glittery!

Victoria Secret ♥

A few picture frames in my room

I've never liked pictures this much. Pictures, frames, quotes and all that'll be my room when I go back home.

Here are some pictures I have right now. It's not gonna look like this when I go home. I'm gonna have quotes and cool stuff all over. I have the perfect picture in my head. And I have an idea that I'm not sure about yet, but I'll talk about it with daddy, and he'll tell me what to do. Hihi!


...and family


Hey everyone,

(klick play to listen to the Christmas song)
My weekend blogging is nothing to brag about. I just came home from longhorn where we ate a dinner with Klara. She's leaving soon. In the matter of fact, it's only three days left. I'll go with her to the airport.

Tracy, Candice, Caleb, Klara and I ate at longhorn in Cincinatti today. It was really good and those people are amazing. It finaly starts to feel like Christmas. In 6 days I'll see the people I love the most on this earth!!! I'm so excited I can't even explain it.

Yesterday, I went to a ballgame with some friends. It was one of the best games I've ever been too. After that I went home to see both Jess and Thom. We descided to go on a dubble-date with one of Thoms friends and I'm excited for that.

Here is one picture from longhorns. I'll give you more later on. Now I'll have to study hard since the exams are tomorow. I'll probably not start until tonight, but that's alright haha.


Good morning

Todays plans... I think we are going shopping, for the last chirstmas presents. Right now I'm waiting for breakfast to be done. It doesn't feel like christmas at all. I need christmas music. Is there some of my friends that has/can make a christmas playlist on spotify and link to me? Would be appriciated!

Tonight the boys has a basketball game so I'll probably go and watch them. And after that I'd suppose we'll go out eating. I need to study too. I have final exames coming up. Wednessday I have Digital Design, but I won't be there, so I'll do it Monday instead. I didn't think we'd have one in that class, but we do. And I don't know all of it. For example what all the tools in Photoshop & Illustrator are called, what Vector art is and stuff like that. I'll have to look it up. It's not a whole lot so that's good.

I think I'll get a B in English. It's grammar and writing and all that with the appostrophies and whenever you use "Who/Whom" and so on. I don't know....

History is just studing. And I'm gonna give it a try. What else, Math.. I'll have to learn all the rules for it. When I know them, it's sooo easy. But I don't, so right now I'd probably just get a B (which is not okay in my easy Math-class, according to me).

Well, that was it. I'm starting out with today's plans and end up writing about christmas music and final exames.. Good job Linnéa!

Right now

Yesterdays school-day in pictures

Rachel smear her hands with hygiene gel. The Americans do that a lot (at least on my school)

Allie in journalism

Klara and Morgan

Me and Megan

Stacie and Tory

Alyssa and Sidney in choir

Katie and Taylor in choir

Klara when she ate lunch. We had spagetti this time.

Going back to bed!!!

Mmmm, and how amazing doesn't this look to be?

Home from school

I didn't feel like it today. My throat still hurts, my nose is streaming and I cough.

I still have stuff that I gotta do though. So no just laying in bed relaxing. I'll eat breakfast now (honey nut cereals and a cereal bar... good stuff). Then it's time for some writing. I'm trying to keep a diary from here in a word document as well, filled with the stuff I don't wanna mention on my blog. This webside is actually pretty censured...

What else? I've never been this excited to see my parents again. I literaly can't wait!!! to show them everything. It's gonna be so great. And Chicago!!!! Man, I LOVE BIG CITIES!!!!

Coughdrops, gum and history (and advocado..mmmmm)

This is amazing

Plans for today

I'll go streight home today to get my history done. I did 1/4 yesterday and it took forever. I got some questions done in class today, and I think the rest of them will get done without a problem today. Then, I'll only have to study them too. That's the boring part.

What else do I have to do? I'll probably have to go through English grammar. Something I haven't done while I'm here. Our English final exames will have a big grammar part including a lot of stuff that I always just guess how to do.

We will also have final exame in Math, (English & History), Digital Design and that's it I think. Journalism, Choir and Study hall won't require a final exame. That feels soo good. I don't like these exames..

Okay, it's time to get out of here. I gotta blow my nose...... haha. And I might work a little bit on history, maybe.. Doubt it though!

En annan fraga

Anonym om Pictures from this weekend:
Vem är axel? :p

Det ar en kompis som bor nara mig hemma i Sverige. Kandes ganska konstigt att traffas i USA liksom och behova snacka engelska med varandra. Sjalvklart pratade vi svenska nar ingan amerikanare var nara...

I'll give it a try

Jess has a ballgame right now and I decided not to go. First of all, I'm not feeling very good. My throat is hurting, my ears are kind of aking and I'm so snotty. It sucks to have to get promition to go and blow your nose about 2 times every period. The teachers doesn't like it, and I even got "no" for an answer today. So yea, I had to let the snot either come out or I had to take it back it. Yes, descusting!! But that's what happens if you're not allowed to go to the bathroom.

Anyway, what I'll do now is to get History a chance. I have all those questions, and if it doesn't take too much time, I'll actually go in for it and try. Otherwise, I'll just hope for the best.

This is what I see in front of me right now

Pictures from this weekend

The boys ballgame last Friday
Jessica and Axel at Olive Garden

Me, Sidney and Jenna at Olive Garden

Axel in the car on our way to Cincinatti downtown

The town right in front of us

Me in the car

It didn't work too good to take pictures without the flash in the dark...but kind of cool

Some statue or fountain in the centre of downtown

A skating ground

Me and Axel, and a huge christmas tree

High buildings...felt so good to be in a big city again

The morning when Axel had to go back home to Michigan again. This is close to the busstation with Lucas stadium right behind (where the Colts plays).

A really good breakfast at a country resturant. Mmm it was sooo good (ecspecially the yoghurt with pinapples)

Robin at this resturant


Jennie om Have to study some:
Ja visst är Olive garden schysst!! Har du varit på cheesecake factory och "bertucci's" med?:)

Vi bestaller Cheesecakes from the cheesecake factory. It's awesome!!!! Igar at jag fudge fran fudge shop. Herregud va gott! Och rostade mandlar.. Mmmmm..!!

Have to study some


I came home for a while ago. I went to the gym but couldn't do anything because I have a cold. It's not real bad, but still, I'm snotty.

I'll put all of the pictures from this weekend on a flashdrive and tomorrow in school I'll show them to you. Right now, I'm kind of busy.

I'll have to study some later tonight. I have a test tomorrow, and my grade is depending on my score, so I'll actually spend like 15 minutes studying.

Tomorrow, I'll have to do some history. At least I'll start and see if it's easy or not, and depending on that I'll see if I'll put effort into it and get my A or not.

Here is one picture from Olive Garden. It's me, Sidney and Jenna. Olive Garden is amazing!

Is it worth the work?

I'm in school right now, soo tired. And today I got my first B (B+). I didn't know we had a quiz so I probably failed it. I didn't get any of them right I think. So I have a B+ in the class now. I'm talking about History of course. I talked to the techer though, and she told me, that was supposed to be my grade for this 9 weeks (midterms). So the other 9 weeks I've got A's in all the classes. But, I'm awesome, so now we have some more work to do. I think we would have it eventhough I didn't say anything about it. But if I get all of them right, it will bring my grade up to an A. So, what do you say mom and dad.. should I care, or should I get one B+ in the class and the rest A's? Is it worth the work? It's 77 questions that I'll have to do. But if I do them, and study them I'll also know everything for our final exames.

There's 3 different parts to get a grade from. There is the first "semester"/9 weeks where I got an A. There's the other one, where I can get and A or B+, and then it is the final exame. These goes together for a final grade. Do you get it?

A good weekend

I'm home now and ready for a good sleep. This day has been kind of long, but great. In the morning, me and Robin went to Indianapolis with Axel to drop him off. Right after that we went home again, but stoped at a really good resturant. Some coutryfood-resturant, mmm. Then I was home for like 30 minutes, and then Caleb and Cody came and picked me up. I hung out with them for a while and then Cody had some birthday-dinner or whatever, so me and Caleb went to Tracys for a while.

This weekend was good to. I had a lot of fun. Friday we just chilled until the evening when we went to a ballgame. Then we went out with some friends.

Saturday we visited grandma (Elaine), and Candice. Me and Axel took a walk with the dogs down there and stoped and talked to them for a while. Elaine is so sweet!

Well, I gotta go now. Jess keeps trying to talk to me and I'm just writing haha. Night!

One picture of me and Axel this weekend. I have a whole bunch more that I'll show you no later than Tuesday. I don't have time to but them on my flashdrive right now so I can't do it tomorrow in school. I might do it after tho, we'll see. Otherwise Tuesday.


Guess what? I like corn. Haha.. No that's not the thing. But I love corn actually, especially fresh corn not cooked in butter, but they don't eat them like that here. Anyway, one of the food-people or whatever we call them asked me if I liked the food. I said, "it was alright, but the corn is always good". She said that she'll tell the people that order the corn that I liked them. I said yes, and you can ask them to have it more often. One or two days later we get corn, free. Normally you always have to pay for it and stuff, but now it was after the checkout so you could take however much you want. Sometimes it just rocks to be an exchange student. I don't even know if this was because of me, but I'll pretend it was. Haha!

Jättecheckt inlägg här känner jag... Hugs!

Some pictures from school

Klara is eating. We had chicken and noodles, peaches and garlic bread
Austin, and his stitches

Morgan in math

Another Morgan at lunch

Going to Indy

I'm in a hurry! We are leaving in 2 minutes to go to Indianapolis to pick up Axel. It's gonna be a good weekend. Talk to you guys tomorrow. Gooodnight!!!

A picture from today in school. I look retarded but I acctually have to blame it on my phone in my pocket, haha.

Axel is coming to Versailles

I don't have time. What I was going to tell you is that Axel will come and stay with us this weekend. That's exciting. He's on his way right now and we'll pick him up tonight.

I'll tell you more about it later. the bell is about to right. I have like 4 minutes, and then when it rings, it's another 4 minutes to go to next class. And I have to pee, so that means that I'm in a hurry. Haha, or I'll have to go to class, ask the teacher for premition and then go. NICE..

Oh well, bye talk to you later!

No's true

I didn't get the internet to work last night. I swear I really tried, but it didn't work. So, I give you a picture of the Christmastree now instead and the presents that I wrapped.

I don't have time to write anything more, but in Journalism (2 hours from now), I'll write again. I have something exciting to tell you guys...that's happening today acctually.

See ya!

Hey guys

I was supposed to bring my camera to school today, to take some pictures. I have people complaining back home about that I don't give a lot of pictures anymore. I will bring it tomorrow instead. I was in a hurry this morning so I just didn't bring it.

When I come home I'll show you pictures of our christmas tree and all the presents underneith it. I've helped Robin with wrapping them. Yesterday, we finished.

I'm so excited for Christmas. Today it's only 11 schooldays left until break. It's nothing! The three last days will be bad though, because we are having our final exames. This is like "nationella proven" I think, and we'll see if it's as bad as in Sweden. Doubt it! If I remember it right, they said their tests are like 1-2 hours. Ours can be like 5? For example in the subject Swedish. When you have all those 4 parts or whatever. I don't even want to think about it.

I think I told you that I thought I got my first B? I didn't. I'm still on an A after today when I got  100 % on a little quiz. So yea, still no B's for those who wonders.

I'll try to skype today guys. This will be my last period, which is 8-9 Swedish time. I can't promise anything, but if you feel like you want to talk to me, log on!

That was it for now. Pictures of the tree comes tonight. And tomorrow, I'll try to give you a couple of new pictures.

Have a great day everyone!

Update - I can only see the half of what I write. Something is weird about the webpage. I hope I don't write a lot of errors. And I hope it works to publish.

Another dream-room

Something that I really wanna change when I come home is my room. Today it’s all American with pictures of New York and the print on pillows and cover is either the stars or the stripes from the American flag. Oh yes, I like it, but I’m ready for something new – again.

My room has been changed sooo many times. Probably like 5-10 times since we renovated, which was less than 10 years ago. More likely around 8. It has been everything from neon green to purple, white to pink, dark blue and more.

This time I want to make my room very clean in style. It should be black and white, mostly, and maybe some color of one of my walls. I’m not sure yet. I want to have focus on pictures (a whole bunch of them should be from here). Maybe we can do something with USA, like a whole wall of it or something. I wanna have printed pictures, in color I’m pretty sure. I love black and white too, so it’s hard to pick. Maybe one wall should have a couple of black and white pictures in frames, and another with colored and without frames.

I googled for some inspiration, and this is what I’ve found so far. I love it. I wanna have a make-up table like that. I also want to have an open clothes hanger like the one on the second picture to the right from the top and down counted. What else? Yes, the most important. I want a new bed. A big and high one, like the ones over here. The beds average is way higher here in the States and I love it. So yes, that would be awesome.

I think that was what I thought of right now. I also have to have speakers to my iPhone. By the way, I miss my iPhone soooo insanely much, more than what I thought I would…it’s no doubt the best phone ever made. What else do I want? Oh, I want and iPad… I didn’t like them at all in the beginning, but now, heck yea, they’re awesome too.

This is what happens when you start dreaming about re-doing something. You think of everything else that you wish for, and in my case it’s a lot of stuff. Or not a lot, but the things are kind of expensive. I also want a lot of clothes, but I don’t think I even have to mention that.

Well, before I think of something else, I’ll have to get out of here.


What the senior float looked like

When the school started, us seniors had some kind of celebration. We rode the senior float, all dressed in South Ripley clothes and we screamed real loud. This was at the same time as pumpkin show, so of course, one of our things to do was to ride the “Mary-Go” round (or whatever it was called) and make ourselves heard.

I didn’t take any pictures from these events, but I got some now. So, here are a few.



Last Sunday I went to a basketball game with my host family. Jess was playing. She’s a really good both basket –and volleyball player.

This week she had about 3 games. So yea, it’s a lot of sport. I don’t go to all of her games though, but when I do, I have fun.

Here are some pictures from her last game.

Robin and her mom

South Ripley's girls

Jess and Whitney

Kasey's jumping..haha

And Jess's scoring


Jess again

An American baby that was there to support

My weekend

This week has been bad. Not for me, but for my blog. I haven’t had any time at all for my blog. My internet time has been for skyping and a little bit of facebook. Also some blogpost I think I managed to do. I’ll try to improve this week.

My week has been good though. I got my first B in school, I’ve had some stuff to do, as in homework, and I’ve been working out a bit. You see, I can be a good girl (except for my first B). So far I’ve had straight A’s, until after this US History test.

The weekend has been alright too. I hung out with Caleb Friday. Saturday I went to Jess’s ballgame. I went grosseryshopping with Robin and when the evening came I thought I had some great plans, but I ended up not doing anything. I hate not having a car, and I don’t like those unwritten rules about girls and boys either. Then Sunday I had a lazy day. I didn't do anything at all. My eye hurt too. I think I have a sty...

In Digital Design I fixed a picture that you scanned Dad, for a long time ago. It looks way better now.




Today has been busy, even though I didn't do a whole lot. I started out with going to a ballgame this morning. Jess was playing. After that I went grossery shopping with Robin. When we got home I went with Jess to take pictures of her and her friend going to the winter formal dance, I have other plans.

I came home, we ate and now I'm waiting for the homemade icedream and the chocolate chip cookies to be done. I'm so excited, it's gonna be awesome.

I'll talk to you guys later. Have a good evening.

At Been & Boards

Allie & Hayley

Me and Sidney

Me, Taylor and Sidney

At the schoolbus

I'm going out

I have 25 minutes left and then my ride will be here. I'll talk to you later (tomorrow I think) because tonight I'm just gonna chill with Caleb.

Have a good one!

Me and Sidney at Beef and Boards the other day. More pictures from this day will come up this weekend

Ledsen assa

Okej jag suger. Det blev inget bloggande igar heller. Formodligen inte idag heller.. Jag vet inte.

Efter skolan idag tankte jag aka och sola. Kanner att jag maste borja lite med det nu aven om det inte ar bra over huvud taget. Men jag kanner mig sa vit nu och kanns som jag har 10000 finnar ocksa. Sa jag tankte sola lite da och da i alla fall.

Sen kommer min vardsyster och hamtar upp mig sa aker vi hem. Och ikvall ska jag hanga med lite kompisar. Inte bestamt i detalj an, men ar taggad.

Vi hors! Ska forsoka bjuda pa bilder ikvall innan jag sticker ivag. Kram!

I'm sorry

I don't know what happened, but 2 days and 7 hours went by extremely past. That's how long ago it was since I did the last post here on my blog. I'm sorry! I guess I got drift away with everything else and totally forgot about my blog.

Yesterday, I went with the choir to Beef & Boards for a musical and a buffee. It was really nice. We missed school this day and had a day of enjoyment (if that's a word). And I got to ride the school-bus for the first time in my life. Nothing to be proud of. Very uncomfortable acctually, but now I've done it.

Well, I'll write another post later cause I have to skype some right now. And I'll show you pictures. Bye for now!

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