Bonfire tonight

Photo by: Lacy Ward

I'm sorry, once again, for not giving you good updates everyday. Right now I have about an hour until Taiylor will be here to pick me up. We're going to a bonfire tonight with a couple of friends. Just hanging out! And other than that I'll hang out with Caleb and go to church this weekend. Yes, you heard me, I'll go to church. Since I recently realized that I only have another 6 weeks left, (or less now) it's time for me to go visit Cavehill where my experience first started. I had to go to church every Sunday in the begining of my adventure. Now I'm going because I want to see everyone again. It's also Candice last Sunday in that church before she moves. Candice is Tracy's daughter (and Tracy was the mom I first stayed with) for you that are new readers. I just saw her the other day and she's soo sweet.

Well, I'm gonna get out of here and get dressed! It'll probably be cold tonight!

Have a good day/night!


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