Hey again,

I don't have anything to write about right now. Any suggestions? Something you wanna know about?

Ingrid, I tried to check how much it cost to ship a box over to Sweden, but I didn't find out how much it would be. I'll call them some day this week and I'll let you know. Are you going to order them?

Family is the best Christmas gift

For Christian people, Christmas is a holiday celebrated because of Jesus. In Sweden, my family’s main point of celebrating it to get together with all of our relatives, eat a lot of good food, laugh a whole lot and of course, to get presents.

Everyone is excited for this holiday. Stores located in downtown and people living where a lot of people walk by start decorating their windows over one month before Christmas Eve. Our family starts the first Advent with everything except for the tree. It’s everything from small Santa Clauses, to Rudolf the Reindeer, angels, Advent lights and candles. The actual tree is a live tree, and that’s why we wait to put it up until a few days before Christmas Eve. We like to make our house smell too.

Food is a big thing around the holiday. I normally take a full day with my closest friends just making Christmas candy and sweets. We wrap them up in paper and decorate them with Christmas-colored ribbons. Christmas decoration and colors are pretty much the same here. In my family, we don’t have statues of Maria and Jesus, but except for that I can’t tell a difference.

At Christmas Eve, my relatives come together to celebrate the day. A lot of years, people have come to us to eat and spend the evening. They come at 1 am and stays for however long they want to. We start out eating. We have a big table of different things, like boiled potatoes, chipolata sausage, meatballs, herring, bread, crackers, cheese ball and some other dishes and dressings that are typical Swedish. The desserts are very Swedish too. The only similar ones are gingerbread, cinnamon rolls, toffee, taffy and boxes of sorted chocolate.

After eating, there’s this cartoon on television that last for about one hour. Almost everyone in Sweden watches this show, and it’s the same every year. I always get really sleepy after eating all that food and then relaxing in front of the TV. Right after the show is over, Santa Claus comes. He is big and dressed all red just like here. He has a big bag over his shoulder filled with presents and he says “Hoo, hoo!!”. One of my cousins pull up a chair for him and we let him sit down there giving the presents out. This is so exciting.

The following two days we spend with relatives as well. We normally just eat and get to see the people we didn’t see on Christmas Eve. The 25th is always with my dad’s family, and the 26th with my moms.

After getting all the presents, we open them together and everyone shows each other what they get. We laugh and have a great time together. By this time we also realize that we don’t need all the presents to have a good time. My best Christmas gift will always be my family and so is it even this year. They will come over to Versailles during the holiday and I can’t wait to see them again.

The Christmas tree is up

I gotta get some sleep now. But this weekend we decorated and the christmas tree is up too. I'll take a picture with my camera this week. Have a good one!

Going shopping

Yes, it's time to go shopping today again. My goal will be to buy all the christmas gifts. The hard part is to know who to buy to. I wanna buy to my hostfamily for sure, but then I don't know who else. I really don't. Well, we'll see what happens.

I hate to buy presents by the way. I never know what to buy and I want the person who opens it to be real pleased with what it is. And I want to have a thought about it, like something smart not just general. It will be hard over here tho, cause u cant like declutch/connect it with something that happened years ago. It's not that important, I can still buy presents haha. Just sayin.

Well, I gotta get ready now! Have a great day everyone!

Right now... always in a great mood in the morning

Some of the things I bought

I also bought exercising clothes and boots. The boots are up til my knees and the exercising clothes is right runningpants and a real blue sportsbra. I don't want to take a picture of it right now cause they're in the washer. The bras are just awesome. I won't show you them either. But oh my, Victoria Secret is the best underwear store EVER.

Pictures from Thanksgiving


The turkey before Bud smoked it

It was soooo good

Me and Jess

Cheesecake, pumpkinpie and dirtcake.. OH MY! I'm eating more dirtcake right now, it's sooo gooood.

Some of the people that celebrated thanksgiving with us

Sneak peek haha

My bags
Some body lotions I bought.. Every one of them smells soooo good

Black Friday shopping

This is what happens when you go shopping on black Friday. You fill the car, too full.. We had to sit with all that stuff in our knees. But this is not all. We stoped at DICKS too, and when you have a sportgirl to sister, you can expect some extra bags.

I had so much fun. And tomorrow, we are ready to go again. This time it will only be Christmas shopping for me. That's needed.

I'll show you what I bought later. I can tell you some of it now. A sportbra, runningpants, boots, sweaters, belts, bras from VS (bought my favorite bra ever, soooo comftable), a couple of cute tops, a hole bunch of body lotion from Bath & Body works, uhm.. what else. It's even hard to remember everything. Jeans, necklaces. Well, I give up. I'll just show you in another post soon.

First thanksgiving, done

Eat. That's the one word that describes this holiday the most. I'm stuffed... sooo stuffed. But I'm ready to eat some more. The food is sooo good. The turkey was smokes in like 15 hours and I'm tellin you, it was amazing.

Dirtcake, cheesecake, pumpkinpie, other stuff and more food. Yea, that's it. I had so much fun tho! And tomorrow we are going black Friday shopping. I'm excited. We're getting up at 6 and the mall opens at 7. Some of the malls opens at midnight. That's soo cool.

Well, I'm getting out of here again. Have a nice day and I will probably not post anything until tomorrow night.


3 pictures of what's going on

I was going to take pictures of all the baking but when I got out there, 50% of todays work was already done. The dirtcake and the cheesecake is already out in the garange where a bigger refrigerator is, and where we'll eat. They have heat and a lot of tabels in there. So we'll even celebrate Chritmas there.

I got 3 pictures at least. The first one is on bread, and that is going to be a dressing. Yes, a dressing with white bread. Everyone says that it is sooo goood, so that will be interesting to taste tomorrow. It goes with the turkey.

The turkey, it's so big. And Bud's gonna smoke it. I'm excited to 1000, cause turkey is sooo goood. I'll see if it gets as good as yours grandma. Inger, I'll miss your TURKEY and your CANDY on Christmas!!!!!!!!
Fudge that Robins mom made the other day. Best fudge ever


Äntligen!!!!!! Nu går vi på lov här. 2 dagar. Det där med närvaro är så extremt viktigt här så två dagar kommer kännas som evigheter! Jag är taggad till tusen. I köket står Robin och bakar. Det är underbara bakelser, cheesecake, dirtcake (omg soooo excited), pumpkinpies and more. I really cant wait to eat all of this.

Thanksgiving is the most busy holiday regard traffic. A lot of familymember decide to get together, and come home. I don't know why I started this post in Swedish, but it didn't feel right so I'm continuing in english.

So, have fun in school everyone. And by the way, if you miss like 6 days without an excuse (sick is not an excuse when you don't have a signature from a doctor) you will get expelled. And I don't get the point of that, because obviousally when you are absent you are either just sick of school, or actually have an excuse (like beeing sick). And if you want to miss school, something like expelling you would just make your life better since that is what you actually want. And if you have a reason, like you actually couldn't get out of bed or something, missing more days will make it harder for you to make up for your work. I think the punishment should be the opposite, like the people have to either be in school longer. In that case people that missed on perpose will see that's it's not worth it, and the people that were sick can make up for what they've missed.

I have no idea why I just wrote all that about it. But sometimes, things just hit me. This time it was about getting expelled.

I wish everyone a great evening. I will probably not make more posts for today but I'll try to tomorrow again. Hugs!!!

Last day in school

Today is last day in school before thanksgiving. I'm so excited for this holiday. It's the first time for me, since it's not a Swedish holiday. I've only seen it on movies, for example in Gossip Girl. They celabrate it very much there and it looks like a really nice celebration. Hope I don't get dissapointed. No just kidding, I wont.

Tomorrow we will start eating. Cause that's what you do during this time. You eat. Sleep, and eat again. We're having turkey on turkey-thursday. Ooooooo it's gonna be awesome!!! Turkey is my favorite and I'm so excited. Yesterday, Robin (my host-mom) baked a cheesecake. She'll make even more things today and when everyone get together they'll bring a lot of things too. I'll taste everything! And I'll give you a lot of pictures.

Then, another exciting day, black Friday. Black Friday is the day when all the stores starts their sales. You can get a lot of great deals but everyone in the stores will be agressive. On the comercial (TV) I saw people walking with their carts taking stuff from the other people carts. Even on the TV! I can't even imagine how it will be in the actual stores.. Oh my! But I'm so excited, and I guess I'll have to be agressive myself.

I'm going to the mall shopping. It's probably not as bad their. The worst places are Walmart, Target and all them stores with the electronics and all that. They have some awesome deals. I'm more looking for clothes and things. I might buy an iPad too tho, but if the line is too long or the stores too crowded, I wont. Because the sales continues until Christmas. How good is that? In Sweden the sales starts after Christmas...when everyone has bought their presents. This is so much better!

So, that's what will happen the next two days. I suppose the bloging wont be very good during these days, but after it's over, I'll make up for it. I'll try to give you a couple of post tho, so you know whats happening in my life. You'd be to bored without them wouldn't you haha..

Have a great day! I'll talk to you later. Probably today again, or tomorrow. I don't really have anything to say yet. I'm just waiting for the holiday!!!


My dad and I

2 years old

Me and mom

Ice-cream was probably a favorite already. And here they havn't seen a "haklapp", I was surpised

Aw, me and daddy with red shirts

Me and two of my cousins (Alexander & Malin)

Mom and I


Me and Malin (my cousin)

Mom and I



Sigrid and I

This was what my teeth looked like before I got braces. And the picture is from Dalslands Kanal I suppose

Me sitting in a helicopter

Me, my dad and my brother

Me in Rome

Dad as happy as he can be (except for when he is with his family). This is his life, and I know how much he enjoys everything with boats.

Rebecca (my friend), dad and I. So much fun!

Me and my brother

Mom made us match each other every now and then

Hahhaha cutes brother ever

Sooo cute


My brother and our cousin. They looked so much alike

Working in photoshop

I have Digital Design again and we've finally start to work in Photoshop. This time we had to fix a photo, like retouch it so it looks good.

Here is the start file

Here is the retouched file

(I don't know if the pictures work. But I gotta go now, the bell is ringing. i try again later)


Sand om Plans for today:
Though* is correct spelling, not tho! BUT. looove your blog! <3

Yea, I know. U = you, 4 = for, r = are, y = why and so on. It's not formal to write wanna/gonna and all that stuff either. Neither is yea.. But thanks anyway, it would be nice to know if I thought it was spelled "tho".

I'm gonna use slang and informal language/spelling at my blog every now and then because having a perfect blog is just too unpersonal and boring according to me. 

Plans for today

I'm so tired and I have homework. Tomorrow I have a math-test and I don't know anything. I need to learn the rules for the problems and then I'll be fine. That kind of sucks tho cause I don't wanna study.

I also have a story to write for tomorrow, and another story in Journalism. I'll try to get everything done today so I'm done for like another month when it comes to studing.

Today is a boring day. It's raining outside, feels a lot like in Sweden. I'm looking forward to lunch (take a break) and then to study hall (last period). I fell asleep in history again. Like literaly fell asleep, bad. Cause when she turned the lights on again (after watching the movie) it felt so wierd. I didn't know where I was for a second, I forgot that I fell asleep.

So today I'm gonna study and make sure I fall asleep early. I have a feeling that I'll be full of energy later tho, so I'll just hope my feeling becomes reality.

I don't have any pictures for this time. I'll give you some when I come home. Hugs!


I've been so tired all day. I'm still tired. Today I've only hung out, ate, and slept. So tired it's not even funny. I'm about to go to sleep soon, after a warm shower. I hope the shower doesn't wake me up tho.

Tomorrow it's time for school again. I'm not very excited. I don't wanna go up early in the morning. After that I might go to the gym, I kind of have to now after the weekend. My goal is to go there at least 2 times a week. This week is thanksgiving too so I'll try to do my 2 times before that so I can chill the rest of the week. We'll see, it's not that important.

I'm out of here. Goodnight people! Talk to you tomorrow.


The Swedish christmas, with all these cosy small shops, the "glögg" and the other food/drinks. The preparing with decoration (not that we don't have it here or anything, just the Swedish way of doin it). Everything! Going downtown just Christmas-shopping. I can't wait to go to Chicago. I think I miss a big city a lot. Just go for a 10 minutes ride and be there, you know what I mean? And I'm so extremely excited for getting my licens when I get home. Oh my, that'll be the best feeling ever.

I'm also excited for my 18th birthday!!!! I need a huge party for that, mom and dad just preparing u, haha.

I'm looking forward to Christmas here tho. I think it's only like 30-40 days left to Christmas Eve. Next Thursday is thanksgiving, and then we start decorating and everything. Robin said that she normally has her tree up before Thanksgiving. That's kind of early according to me. But I can't wait for decoration and everything to smell like Christmas/Cinnamon, whatever.

Source: Gynnings blog


How beautiful is that? The hair is a dream, and her face is pretty too, of course.. Some people just have it. I want to have that hair, but blonde, some days. Other days just really straight like mine today (but longer).

Today I gotta write a diary kind of, more details about my life here and everything. I figured that it would be fun to have when I turn 80 or something...right?


I was in a hurry last night. At first I thought I had so much time so I was bein lazy, but then everyone was fast and it was time to leave. I had plans to blog and everything (made this picture and all), but I never had time to post it.

Last night was great. We had so much fun doing a whole bunch of stuff. I stayed the night at a friends house again and it was good. I must have been tired tho, cause all the sudden I just fell asleep.

I just came home. And guess what? We stoped by sybway to get breakfast. I loooove subway. And when I came home, Robins mom had baked homemade fudge. Oh god, that's some good stuff right there.

I'm not as tired today as yesterday, so hopefully I don't need to take a nap. I'm not in a nap mood. And, I think I remembered that Luke has a birthdayparty today so I'll check that out if I'm right or not. If so, I'm goin there.

Here is the collage from yesterday.

Mmm, living the American life

I just woke up from my nap. I slept for like 4 hours, must have been tired. And guess what I found, my oatmeal creampies and cookie dough icecream. It tastes sooo good after a long nap.

Jess's mom is at Savannas birthdayparty right now and I desided not to go. Tonight Jess has a basketballgame that I'm planning on attending, but I also want to hang out with Lauren and her friend. Hard decision, I'll probably do both.

Okay, I gotta eat some more before the ice-cream melts. And then, it's time for a shower. I feel sooo nasty right now. You probably didn't wanna hear that...

Before I go for a nap

I looked through a lot of pictures just one day ago, memories. I need a babypicture for something for school (dad, I got all the pictures here already). While looking at all those pictures, I realize how extremely happy I am. How happy my family is to be healthy and without a lot of problems.

I just got home. Yesterday I spent the night with Lauren. Oh my, we had a great time. I didn't sleep a whole lot so I'll get me a nap now, after a great breakfast. Eggs and bacon sandwich with mayonnaise, good stuff.

Here is one picture of me from another time in New York. I don't know where we were, but I think Orlando.. It's Disney World at least.

I'm taking a break eating a pizzaslice. I remembered that we had a conversation about how much more cheese American pizzas have. This is not the best example, but some of them are so too much..

A few favorites

Sweatshirts from VS and Hollister

Other sweatshirts with teams and collages - Colts and Bearcats (people either like the Colts or the Bengels here)

3 tops that I like (from left: Hollister, Weet seal and Hollister)

Some jewellery

New clothes


Yesterday I was trying to blog but I didn't get the internet at the house to work. So I prepared some posts instread, with pictures and stuff.

Sofia asked for a post with my new clothes. I took a picture of all the clothes that I bought this time, except for the underwear. I so hate that we don't have Victoria Secret i Sweden, that is the best store ever.

This shoppingtrip, I didn't find a whole lot. Normally I find a bunch of things. I found a bad too (just hit me), that I didn't take a picture of. There is a picture of it here (link), and of the belts that I bought.

I'll upload a post with my favorites so far later today.

1) White skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch and belt from Forever21. 2) Black skirt from Forever21. 3) Sweater from Forever21. 4) Blue/white skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch. I also bought the top from yesterdays outfit, se here (link).

Lite fragor/kommentarer

Okej, jag satte ihop alla kommentarer jättefint, men bakgrund och allt.. Fixade till dem så att alla stavfel var borta/stora bokstäver var stora osv. Men datorn segade sönder och vägrade spara allt. Så det får bli såhär istället.


Nej, jag är helt seriös. När jag kom hit vägde jag ungefär 60-62 kilo. Nu väger jag 66-67. Jag har alltså gått upp 7 kilo. Antar att det var 8 tidigare jag minns inte riktigt. När jag först kom hit kände jag att jag måste prova precis allt nytt. Och lat som jag var tränade jag ingenting. Sen förra veckan är det lite annorlunda, jag köpte nämligen ett gymkort. Ska försöka komma iväg några gånger i veckan, beroende på hur mycket tid jag har. Detta med vikt är inte så viktigt för mig detta året, för jag har verkligen intalat mig själv att bara njuta. Jag vet att jag inte kommer bli tjock, och sen när året är slut så kommer allt bli som vanligt igen. Jag vill inte gå där hemma och känna ”jag skulle gjort det istället för att träna den där gången”, eller ”jag skulle ha smakat på den där tårtan den där gången” osv. Det kommer inte hänga mig haha!

Jag vet faktiskt inte riktigt vart allt har lagt sig. Magen är fortfarande i princip platt, så det är väl lite ben, rumpa och höfter antar jag.

Jag är 180 lång, enligt vissa 181, men jag håller mig till 180 haha. Längre än det vill jag liksom inte vara… Antar att vi är ganska lika/var ganska lika i kroppen innan. Vem är du? Har du blogg? I så fall får du gärna länka. Skulle vara kul att få en bild i huvudet på den man pratar med/skriver till eller som läser ens blogg. Det är ju ca 100 om dagen, och jag vet inte ens vilka hälften är.

Jag vet att vikt och sånt kan verka personligt, men jag bryr mig faktiskt inte. Inte alls! Och Emma skrev till och med ”du behöver inte svara”. Jag kommer alltid bara svara på det jag vill här i bloggen, och för personliga frågor ignoreras. Så var inte rädda för att fråga, jag kommer bara svara på det jag vill/känner för.


Tack så jättemycket! Detta gjorde min dag när jag läste det. 1 år alltså, det är länge. I princip så länge jag har haft min blogg. Den är väldigt annorlunda nu i jämförelse med hur den var innan jag flyttade. Mycket mindre dagens outfit, mode och inspirationstips, mer utav livet i USA och vad jag sysslar med på dagarna. Hoppas inte det får dig att tröttna!

Jag kan publicera själva artiklarna som jag skriver, i och med att jag har dokumenten. Sen finns det en hel del andra artiklar i tidningen. Något speciellt du är intresserad av?

Mjölk är den bästa drycken ever! Utan att krydda alltså, så sjukt gott. De andra dricker sweet tea, energidrycker, läsk eller vatten. Jag känner ju bara att… mjölk är bäst. De skrattar lite för jag dricker väldigt mycket mjölk.

Och förresten, det var inte yoggi i bakgrunden på den bilden med biscuits & gravey, hihi.

Jag har bytt värdfamilj. Detta blir en lång historia, men jag tar den i stora drag.

Du har helt rätt, min förra värdfamilj hade en enorm trädgård (gick inte ens att se slutet på den). De var underbara, Tracy och Greg. De båda var roliga och jag hade inget emot dem. Tracy jobbar på skolan så jag ser henne lite då och då och snackar med henne och allt. Vi firade exempelvis hennes födelsedag i måndags och då sov både jag och Klara över (som också bodde i samma familj). Men sen dog Tracys pappa, som hon stod väldigt nära. Det var en ledsam stämning och allt sånt där. Hon tog det väldigt hårt (förståeligt, hade jag också gjort). Detta är en av anledningarna. En annan anledning är också att hon flyttade till en liten lägenhet där jag inte kunde ha mitt eget rum. Inte heller Klara.

Jag har nu flyttat in hos en kompis i skolan, Jessica och hennes familj. Det är grymt här! Men var snäll att kom ihåg att jag hade inga problem och inga fighter med min förra värdfamilj. Jag umgås fortfarande med dem!

Jessicas familj har ett litet hus. Det är 3 sovrum (mitt, Jessicas och hennes mamma och styvpappa), ett badrum, två garderober (walk in, sen finns andra garderober för oss), ett vardagsrum, ett kök och matbord. Trädgården är väldigt fin på baksidan, med utsikt över en skog eller vad man ska säga. Det är värsta stupet också, jag vet inte hur jag ska beskriva det, för det låter riktigt fult.

Så, så ligger det till. Jag trivs jättebra och allt löste sig lyckligtvis perfekt. Åker bil med Jessica till skolan varje morgon och mammans syster som jobbar på skolan kör mig hem varje dag. Jessica har nämligen träning varje dag efter skolan och systern (till mamman) bor granne).

Klara flyttade in med EF-representanten i vår område, så hon trivs också väldigt bra.

Jag har tagit bilder på alla kläder jag köpte denna gång, för det var inte så många. Tog dock ingen bild på mina underkläder haha, kändes lite awekward. Men det kommer upp under veckan, beror lite på när jag har internet och allt sånt där.

Yesterdays outfit / new top

Jeans - Pepe Jeans, top - Abercrombie & Fitch

My favorite breakfast in the US

I'm trying to get all the comments that I want to answer on one file. So I'm on Photoshop now, but it's soooo slow. So I won't finish until this class is over.

Today I'll go straight home after school and I have a bunch of things to do. Mostly lists to write. Dad, you'll get your list later today, by e-mail.

Instead I give you picture of biscuits and gravey. I swear, it's the best breakfast you can have over here. It's so good! Not everyones is perfect, but my hostmom Robin's is soooo good. I'm her biggest fan of this breakfast and I keep telling her how much I like it. She'll make it for my family when they come over. I just love it!

Quick update

I have no time at all right now. I just wanted to say that I'll answer all the questions (I don't know how many) during the day today. Probably last period.

I'll try to log on skype last period too. That is 8-9 Swedish time, so be there then!


More pictures of the house again

EF asked for pictures of the house so I helped Robin to take some. Here are they.


The house

House and garage

My room

The living room

Shopping at Florence

This Sunday I went shopping with the EF cordinator, Elaine, and Klara. It was a lot of fun, as always. I got some new underwear from Victoria Secret (two bras and like a couple of underwear). I got a t-shirt, tanktops, belts, lotion (from Bath & Body ever), a sweater, a bag and skirts and tops from Abercrombie & Fitch. A good day! Now I have to save some for Juicy Couture in Chicago! I'm so excited it's insane!!!!!

I'm sorry

I know my blogging has been bad. No updates at all. But I guess I'm busy again.

Tomorrow I'll have a history-test that I'll have to study a bit for tonight. I don't know anything at all. The good part is that she always tells us all the answers (and the question) the minutes before we get the test. So I'll have to do my very best to remember everything. That's hard tho, cause it's a lot of questions.

Yesterday I stayed the night at Tracys. Klara made supper and I made the dessert (kokosbollar). She also got a picture book/album. I don't know if I told you all this in the last post. My memory isn't the best always. I'll post the text I wrote in the album in the end of this post. It kind of made her cry...she's so cute.

Here are three pictures from the celebrating. You know what else happened this weekend? Tracys daughter Candice got married. That's insane! I don't know, it's just sooo cool that she got married and I'm really happy for her.

Tracy and Klara

The coconut flakes are so big and doesn't taste the same at all, but that's alright. They were good anyway and everyone liked them

(First page)

About this album

This book is made of love for your 42nd birthday. I hope you’ll have a perfect day and receive all the attention that you want, because you deserve it. You have been a perfect host mom to me. Everything you’ve offered and all the things we’ve done together are priceless.

This album is filled with memories from our time together, except for the first pages that includes pictures of my family. Family is important, and I know we share this opinion. I love mine with all my life, and I know for sure that you love yours just as much. Enjoy!

(Second page)

Happy Birthday Tracy

Life is all about happiness. You get happy when you are among real friends and people that you love. When I left Sweden I also left my friends. The only thing I was scared of was to be left alone. Having no family and no friends… I can’t imagine a bigger fear of mine.

It took only a split second to understand and feel your love and warm heart. At the airport, I was instantly filled with happiness. My adventure just started and even though I was tired from the journey I was so excited. We drove to your house, you showed me my new room, with the American flag, the teddybear and everything. I will never forget that moment.

I have learned so much already. Most important is that I know that real friends are forever. Distance doesn’t matter. Real friends don´t care about that. A real friend finds a small room in my heart and soul, a place you have earned forever.

The other day my father told me that he misses me a lot. He explained that he understands that he did send a young teenager to the US and that a grown woman with a hole new experience of life will return next spring. I thought about that and realize that it might be true. We live in a big world, filled with beautiful places but also problems and things that we will never understand.

I think life is all about filling every day and every moment with as much joy and happiness as possible. The months we spent together in the big house next to the small pond gave me memories and happiness that I will never forget. You are some years older than me, but still a fantastic friend of mine. We have experienced so many things together, but what will stay in my memory forever is your endless compassion for everyone around you. You are so filled with love and true emotions.

Thank you for everything Tracy, but please remember, our friendship has only started.


I love you Big Mama

Your friend, Linnéa

Sitting at Tracys house

Me and Klara just celebrated Tracys birthday. Klara made supper, schnitzel and baked potatoes and rice. I made the dessert, chokladbollar, king of like no bake cookies here in America. They liked it and the schnitzel was really good. I also gave her the album I made last week for her, and it was a success. She loved it!

Now I'm just sitting here with Klara and Candice. I'm tired and thinking about going to sleep real soon. Would feel good! Tomorrow it's gonna be a disaster to get ready. 4 girl in one bathroom. Wooow.. Everyday at Jess's house we are 4 people at one bathroom, but Bud doesn't use it, and Jess is late. Robin is there, but I just have to use is real fast and I do the makeup in my room.

Well, I'm out of here. Goodnight and I'll try to blog tomorrow again. Yesterday by the way, we went to the mall. That's why I didn't blog. And I needed to shop!!! Gah, I love it too much!!!!

Changed header

I just finished my header and I think it looks pretty good. What do you think? Better or worse then my last one?

I have to get some sleep now. I just ate ice-cream and my stomache feels better. Why does ice-cream always work? Anyway, my plan is to fall asleep before it gets worse again...if it does. Have a great morning and day Sweden, goodnight America.

My last header

The new one. You might have to update the page before you can see it. On a mac, press cmd+R (for reload or something I suppose), on a Windows-computer I'd guess it is ctrl+R.

Choir performance/Veterans Day

Choir performance yesterday was alright. The audience seemed to like it. Personally, I thought it was a bit too long.

It started out with a band performing. They were good, but I think that they could have shortened their stage-time a little bit. After that, the confederates performed and then it was time for the whole choir to perform. We sang songs about America and freedom. We also did one dance in the end "living on a prayer", where I had to stand in the second row (normally stand in the back) and I didn't really know the dance. Hopefully no one noticed.

The lyrics in the songs are great. Beautiful and so nice of people to really appriciate what has been done for them. Although it's a little bit awkward for me and Klara. We are singing about how proud we are of being Americans, and God bless America and stuff like that. In one of them, we had to hold the American flag and sing "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me". Klick HERE to here the song.

We did this performance yesterday for the American veterans in the wars during the history. There were veterans comming to school and the most impressive is two of them that actually fought during World War II. It is amazing to survive a terrible war like that. What has been done in the past is hot always something to be proud of, but to get trough it and have a more fair peace today is something to celebrate. I don't ever think I'll understand the meaning of wars. I don't think people should have to fight.

And for those who wonders, I'm feeling better again. After a couple of extra hours sleep and a night of rest I'm sure I'll be fine again.

Talk to you tomorrow. I'll try to get something done on my header because I'm sick of the other one now.

One of the photographs on my host-family and I. I'll show you all of them hopefully this weekend. From the left: Me, Jessica, Robin (Jess's mom), Bud (Jess's stepdad)

School paper/Raiders Riot



I didn't get any comments on the post with all the school-videos. Did u guys see it? Like it? Don't like it? Ignored it? What happened?

I feel bad today. Every now and then I feel like I have to puke. When I woke up this morning my belly felt so wierd. Now my belly is fine but my body hurts and I feel ill. I might have gotten the flue.

Tonight I don't know what my plans is. I'll probably don't do anything. The other weekends have been very busy so maybe it's time to relax for a minute or two. Jk! But if I don't feel better tonight I'll just sleep in or something.

Well, I don't feel like writing anymore at this time. I'm done with all the projects again so I don't have anything to do until 1:07 pm (when the bell rings). And, my flashdrive is gone so I can't put any pictures up right now. I'll probably do it when I get home.

Have a great day everyone and I hope my blog hasn't been too boring this week.

I'll tell you about the Veterans day too (today). 11/11/11 is an important day here when all the Americans honor the American veteran for their great work in the US military. I'll also tell you about yesterdays choir performance. I think it will make you laugh. I do all this in next post.

Digital Design

Woop Woop! Da blir man specialbehandlad. Alla andra i hela klassrummet maste jobba forutom jag. De sitter i Photoshop men jag ar ju redan klar och jag kan redan allt for de kommande veckorna sa jag fick ga ut pa internet lite. Vilket ar en ratt stor grej har, i alla fall pa lektionstid (skrattar lite at det). "Du behover ju inte saga till alla for du ar den enda som skulle fa", sager hon. Trakigt dock att jag inte lar mig nagot i PS da det var det programet jag sag fram emot i denna lektionen.

Jag har ont i magen idag, vet inte varfor. Forsokte ata och dricka mycket (fram for allt dricka) pa lunch idag men det hjalpte inte. Hade tank trana efter skolan (komma igang nu) men jag vet inte om jag kan det pa grund av magont. Det blir nog battre snart!

Nu slutar lektionen. Ha det sa bra sa hors vi.

Ikvall har vi kor uppvisning forresten (kor, alltsa choir om ni fattar?). Det kommer suga! Haha! Peace!

SNN/SR videos

I know that I told my parents about SNN/SR. For everyone else, SNN/SR is a school tv program that the people having SNN/SR as a subject makes. There are both live news (every/every other Wednesday), and then it is some hilights from something that has happened. It's also some funny clips. Here is some of them that is posted on youtube. Enjoy!

Swedish meatballs

Guess what?? I made Swedish meatballs for supper today. It made me feel like home and they turned out so good. Me and my host mom did a great teamwork.

Everyone loved it, but they've tried it before. The food is so fresh and questions like "don't we need more salt?", "maybe we should ass more butter", "do you eat your potatoes just boild" was asked. And, it's unusuall to use both a fork and a knife here when you're eating. You can't get a knife for your school lunch or anything. Kind of strange.

Here is some pictures from the cooking

One part of SNN/SR

Update: The video doesn't work, but I'll upload a working one later on. Either tonight or tomorrow.

Food that I miss

I looked through some old pictures for my blog last night. It made me realize how fresh our food is and how healthy I ate. I really miss all the clean, fresh vegetables and dark bread/cereals.

Greek yoghurt and the lemon-thing to it. Mmmm, it's so good. Also the yoghurt beside it is so good. I miss that because I ate it almost everyday to my all bran cereals (you can't find that healthy cereals here...)

Mmmm, Marabou Daim!!!! And 4-gott is missed/karamellkungen. HobNobs is awesome too.

Here is a typical "night"-meal. Like a meal that I ate before I went to sleep. Love everything here, and I miss the really, really hard pears.

The roses!!!! And the cake, best ever!

Daim might be the best candy ever

Smorgasbord.. Haha! Miss both the bread and all that, and this day. It was a great celebration of a good friend of mine, Sofia.

Kottbullemackor. Ah I miss that too much!!!! That is something I'd really like to eat someday soon. But how do I find rodbetssallad???? Haha!

Bullar! Our defination of sinnamon-rolls (they are better according to me)

A common dinner in the summer. Grilled salmond, boild potatoes, fresh corn and grilled vegetables and a cold dressing. Grilled salmond or grilled meat is my favorite food. Boiled potatoes is something I miss too, but I'll cook it tonight!!!

A big bowl of candy, punch-ice cream (where can I find this awesome ice cream?). Pear, of course, and other fruit. And milk!!! But I have a lot of milk here and people make fun of me for not liking pop and drinking milk all the time.

Working on a new header

I just god home from Wal mart. I bought two extra months for my phone so now I'm good again. We also baught the ingridiense for some Swedish cooking, as in chokladbollar, kladdkaka and köttbullar/meatballs. It's gonna be great!

It's time for a new header soon by the way. I just started with it but I can't really figure out what I want it to look like. Anyway, I hope it'll turn out great in the end and that I'll have it published in the end of this week or something. It depends on when I have inspiration.

Here is some of the pictures that I'm thinking about having


School is over and everyone has left. My ride home, Tammy (Robin, my hostmoms sister) has to work for another 20 minutes. So I'm sitting here in the library and printing off Swedish recipes. Well, I'll have to go now. See ya guys!

Another too late post

Saturday morning we went to another town, Seymour I think, to look at our pictures. They turned out really good. I don't have enough time to show you right now, but I will do that during the day tomorrow.

I'll get some Swedish stuff tomorrow. Not literally Swedish stuff, but ingridience so I can make meatballs and stuff like that. I'm excited. I'll also get another prepaid card for my phone. So mom and dad, I'm paying that with my ICA-card just so you know.

I give you three pictures from before we saw our pictures



Of course they're working with the worlds best computer - Mac

Fridays carnival

I went to the schools carnival this Friday to take some pictures for the Journalism-class. This is something a group of students (SADD) hosts. Some of the people (for example Jess, that I live with) is so active and ambitious. They had this carnival for younger children. You can dance on the Wii, go through haunted houses, play games, get dressed up, get face paint and lots of more.

Here is some pictures from it.

SADD had a carnival


Some girls and a clown at the carnival

Some of the people in the haunted house

A girl gets facepainted

The clown and I

A little boy got dressed up at one of the stations/games

Pictures from sports banquet

I have journalism again and I've actually done some things this class. Now I don't have anymore time so I'll just give you some pictures. This is from last week when the sport-people got their prices or whatever for all the good things they did during the season.

Kaitlyn, Whitney, Kasey and Jess


Some of the sportpeople that recieved prices

Jess and some senior boys

Me and Jess

And no, I didn't do any sports.

Beautiful Jess

Swedish fish

Swedish candy from Sweden? No, from Californien. I got this from a friend in school and he asked me "can you explain this". I just laughed. Mom and dad, this is why you'll have to bring so much candy from Sweden. I have to prove that we have awesome candy!! Like Marabou and stuff like that. Rollo (don't know if it's Swedish) is a favourite in this house. The hole family loved it!

Well, I gotta get some sleep now. Haven't got so much of it this weekend. I actually fell asleep when I came home (didn't sleep home last night), for like over two hours. It was bright in my room and in the middle of the day. Guess I was more tired than I thought.


A random post

I'm having such a great time here in the States. Everything is just perfect. Just a minute ago I skyped with both of my granparents and my family. Of course I miss them extreamly much, but at the same time, I know that everything will be the same when I get back again.

This is one of the best years ever. I understand that I'm so lucky to have the possibility to do this and I appreciate it to death.

I'm starting to get white, by the way, and I hate it. I looked through some pictures the other day and I realised that I was kind of tanned this summer. I know I was tanned, but not that tanned. I also realised that yes, I've gain 15-20 pounds, which is like 8 kilos or more. I didn't think someone would be able to tell, but after looking at the pictures from the summer, you can tell. But whatever, I'm living my dream and stuff like that can be taken care of back home again.

Now I gotta fix myself and stuff, because we're going to a birthday-party for my hostmoms sisters little baby.

My plans

Busy weekend as always. But a lot of fun!

Yesterday I hung out with Lauren and her friends all night. It was kind of a weird night but I enjoyed it. Before that I helped the school with taking pictures of their little carnival.

Today we've been looking at all those pictures the photogapher took the other week. They turned out really good.

And now, I just came out of the shower and have to make myself look pretty before I head out again. It's gonna be a good night! And I'm staying at Laurens house tonight. We'll have a lot of fun! I'm hungry by the way, so we are stopping by Subway on the way to her house. I love Subway!!!! Mmmmm! Haha.. A bit to excited for that..

Have a great night!! I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Jess and Robin (her mom) at Chilies where we ate after looking at the pictures


Finally it's weekend! I'm excited for looking at our pictures tomorrow that a photographer took. I'm not very excited for tonight tho, because I have to go back to school and take some pictures. Hopefully I can do something after that.

I'll have to get ready now. Have a great one!

Me and Jess the other day


Borrowed boots and shirt from Jess. The black jeans are from Sweden. I like this outfit and I need to go shoeshopping SOON!!!!

A nice day!

Jess's outfit again. Jeans and shirt from Hollister, shoes - I don't know

Working with a logo

Last day for working with a simple logo of your initials in Illustrator today. 5 minutes left, so I gotta go again. Have a good afternoon.

Pictures of my new house and room

The dogs, Simba and Kiara

The living room

The kitchen

My room

Me and Jess today

I've had a great day today. I havn't been either tired or bored in school which is a good sign. Tomorrow I have a test though, in history. I don't feel like studying, so I just think I'll go there and do my best. Great! Such a good feeling that you don't have to care very much about school here.

I'll have to write an article for tomorrow tho. Not a lot of fun, but gotta do that.

Me and Jess today. We switched clothes

Svar pa en fraga om klader

Hahaha.. Skrattade lite at denna kommentaren. Men nu ska jag forklara! Och innan det, det leopardlinnet ar fran USA tyvarr.

Fran Linnea
Hej Linnea (snyggt namn btw)
Hur strikt är det egentligen med kläderna i USA? För jag tycker att din stil bilvit mycket mer "städad" sen du flytta! Tex sällan man ser dig i brottar linnen med en bandeu bh till exempel! Haha! Bra blogg!

Svar: Kladreglerna ar valdigt strikta. Det kunde varit varre, verkligen, men halften av det jag har hemma kan jag ju bara glomma att ha pa mig.

Shortsen far inte vara kortare an 2/3 av laren, dvs nastan till knana. Har du jeans far de inte vara haliga over knana (mina ar det idag dock.. far se om jag kommer i trubbel eller vad man nu sager.. get in trouble). Om du har ett linne maste det vara 3-4 (vet inte vilket av dem) fingrar brett (VEM HAR DET??). Jag ar dock forvanad att de inte har nagra regler for u-ringning.

BH:n far inte synas heller.. uppenbarligen. Sa modet med "brottarlinnen" dvs linnen med stora hal i sidorna, eller genomskinliga trojor dar man ser en starkt fargad BH ar ju bara att glomma. Jobbigt att tanka pa det ibland alltsa.
Och det sjukaste ar att cheerleaderna har pa sig as korta drakter dar du ser rumpan titt som tatt. Tjejerna nar dom spelar sporter, sa som basket och volleyboll har pa sig korta shorts och brottarlinnen som du uttryckte det. Da ar det plotsligt okej. Och nar de har matcher sa sitter rektorn och tittar pa och kakar popcorn haha.. Lite konsiga regler i USA.. dubbelmoral eller vad man nu kallar det.

Dar har du i alla fall svaret till hur strikt det ar.

Dessa outfitar kan man ju bara glomma..


It was a nice day today. Not too cold outside. They have a lot of aircondition in the school though, so it is always cold.

I'll show you pictures from inside the house soon by the way. I took them today, but I don't think I'll have time to upload them today.

Me and Klara

Me and Klara had a photoshoot at her new house like one week ago. Here are some pictures from it.

At Jess's house a real photographer actually came and took a lot of picture. We'll get to see them this Saturday and I'm so excited for that!!!

Last volleyball game (Oct 25th)

Schoolspirit is something I've never experienced. In Sweden, school is something quite boring and filled with homework. Here is school something more positive, with a lot of activities.

The volleyboll season is now over, and the basketball season is on it's way. Everyone is looking forward to it and the games is said to be really loud, cheerfull and wild. I cant wait!

Here is some pictures from the last volleyboll-game for our school.

Me, Tory and Lindsay




Amos and Brandon. 8 for Jess and 7 for Kasey.. people really get into the games

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