Yesterday I jobshaddowed a surgeon. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. I had a bunch of questions and learned a lot of things. I also got to see some pretty nasty things and even though I thought some of the stuff was descusting, I now know that I'm able to watch it without fainting or puking. I actually though I might do that. I still think shots are kinda gross to look at, but I think I'm able to watch when they give me one now. I normally don't, and for some reason, I rather watch when they burn skin and put it back together with staples, than to watch them stick a nedle in your skin. Weird!

The hospital was something that was kind of out of my mind before yesterday, but now I'm considering it again. I don't know what I wanna be. Either something with business, economics, doctor, designing or tecnology (Apple) or promotion/marketing.

Another thing, I need to learn some more words now. And some more English. I talked to my English teacher this morning and I asked her to give me more assignments so I can improve my English. Hopefully she has some good ones to give me!


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