Franscesca om Prom pictures:
Sorry, have to write this comment in English because your blog have brainwashed me, lol.
I just have some questions!
1. How did Trevor (your promdate) ask you to prom? :)
2. In the header of your blog you're wearing a cheerleader outfit. Did you just borrow it from someone to take a picture? Why didn't you try out to be a cheerleader? Or I don't know, maybe you have to be in the cheerleader squad from the beginning or something...? How does that work?
Haha, you're funny! Well I'll just answer in English then. Normally I'll answer all the questions in Sweden, because they're asked in Swedish. But now when you ask in English, why not answer the same way lol.

Okey so 1. Trevor's already graduated so I had to ask him to go to prom with me. Well, people from school asked me but I said no. Kinda shitty, and a was in panic for a while about it cause I was left without a date, but it's ok because I had so much fun with Trevor. It's hard for me too because I'm so tall, and I deffinitly didn't want a shorter date than me. But the cutest way was when Levi asked me. He took me to the park and we ate there (brought subway lol, which happens to be my favorite), and then he asked me in Swedish "vill du ga pa balen med mig Linnea". I had such a hard time answering that, but after giving it sometime I said no.

2. I just borrowed the cheerleading outfit from a friend. I wanted to become one, but they pick their cheerleaders for next year in the end of every schoolyear (so they pick next years cheerleaders in the ens of this year). And since I wasn't here for that, I couldn't be one. And some school will give the exchangestudents an opertunity to be one anyway, but south ripley (my school) wouldn't. It's okey tho, I had fun anyway! I kind of wished I would have played either volleyball or basketball tho. Ppl on the basketball team is very good, so I'd feel stupid. But it'd deffinitly be fun to have tried it.

Hope that answer your question! :)


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