So, the sun's out and it put me in the best possible mood. I love it!!!! I just got home from a little walk with the dogs and now I'm eating Swedish food (knäckebröd). It's awesome... We also have strawberries, and grapes and all those goodies. So I'm just hanging out right here, and I'll have to get a shower here in a little big and then go to sleep. It's just got dark and it's 8 at night (we turned our clocks one hour forward for spring last weekend).

I don't have any pictures right now really, but this is what my prom make-up might look like. I'm not for sure at all yet, I just kind of found this one. There's so much to plan, but I'll let you know all about it when I've decided/need help.

And one more thing, we're making masks in art. I'll take a picture of mine tomorrow, it's pretty cool.

Postat av: Anna

Hon som är på bilden har en blogg. Sök på lindas sminkblogg:) massa roliga sminkningar varje dag:)

2012-03-15 @ 07:58:18
Postat av: emma

shit vad snygg sminkning!

sv. tack vad söt du är :)

2012-03-15 @ 11:36:57
Postat av: Anonym

Skit snygg sminkning!

2012-03-15 @ 18:32:05

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